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There are no mistakes. Just happy little accidents.

This is it. This is my favorite episode, both for the message, but more importantly because Aika finally cut off her twintails. Make no mistake, I love twintails, but a short cut suits her so much better, though I must admit that letting her hair down makes her look drop-dead gorgeous.

Life never goes according to plan, and things are bound to occur, be they within or outside of our control. But the thing about life is that it's not about what happens to us, but how we deal with what's given to us. We're only given one chance at this, so while it might take us a minute to let our emotions out, dwelling on what has come to past will never move us forward. And that's what makes Akira's handling over the situation so perfect for Aika, for she's been served two plates, the first a memory with Alicia, and the one today, with her hair burnt off. For so long, she had been so focused on being the thing she had seen in the past, and while it has brought her this far, it's also something that had held her back from being the best Aika she could become. And thus, the only way for her push past that is to cut the hair she boasted about in comparing herself to the image she held of Alicia.

To me, this is one of the more real moments to come out of Aria. It was this episode that motivated me to start changing career paths, go back and take some college courses, and essentially put me on a path out of my own depression. It's been quite a long road since then, and I'm much happier, with a brighter future outlook ahead, and while any number of things could have also had the same effect, the moment Aika chose to forge her own self-image came at just the right point in my life. And for that, if nothing else (and there's a lot else), justifies the 10 I give to the series.

Anyway, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now. Cry Counter: 11, 12

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Zuntaka poko-ten zuntaka pon!

Just the mere fact that we get to keep Ai-chan for yet another episode is in itself enough to make this a magnificient start to the season (also just look how cute she is in the Aria uniform <3)

We had a lot of fun interactions. Athena got precious little screentime during Aria the Animation, and seeing her being all over Ai-chan is a fun bit of characterisation that we haven't seen from her before, even though it does seem to fit with her overall personality.

Meanwhile, Akari loses herself for a moment a few times throughout this episode, simply because she is overwhelmed with happiness. Happiness derived from no particular reason other than being surrounded by the people she loves.

We also get some cool cinematography this episode. As someone who has a love for framing this shot particularly noteworthy simply because of how much it stands out. With only this little space around Ai-chan and Akari we get the sense that they must be feeling restricted, or at the very least it gives off a feeling of uneasiness.

Much like when Akari got sent back in time, we can't quite be sure if these supernatural happenings are really safe or not. Akari's friends aren't quite as easygoing as she is and warns her that they think she is too trusting of strangers. A legitimate concern if you ask me.

Returning to the framed image from before, I love how the oranged-lighted path almost stretches with the camera moving matching the steps Akari and Ai-chan takes. It really gives off a sense of the two girls are stepping into another dimension. The disonance in lighting is further used later to reestablish this. And once again by the end of the episode.

Finally, I had to screenshot this shot as well. Not just because I can't help finding the two of them looking afraid sort of cute, but also to highlight the fact that they do feel uneasy about Cassanova - at least at first.

Oh, and most importantly of all, a new nickname was born.

P.S: I also noticed that Aika took the use of referring to Alice as Kouhai-chan. I don't remember her doing that throughout The Animation, though I might easily have missed that.

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I missed one of my favourite episodes (episode three), but I made it in time for the one Aria episode that I'll forever treasure. My username on MyAnimeList is actually a reference to what the whole episode is about: Serendipity.

It's really easy to be caught thinking about what if's, longing for yesterday and waiting for tomorrow. But what is in front of us is always today and that is all that matters: taking it in one day at a time, one moment at a time.

I watched this episode shortly after changing programs in university. My mental health at the time wasn't in the best place, but I had resolved to focus on the things I could change and bringing positive change to my life a little at a time.

When Akari and Alicia took the wrong turn at the fork in the tracks, I couldn't help but smile at how it kind of felt like it mirrored what I was going through--a beautiful accident.

To some people, I may have lost a year of education and some of my happiness, but it was also a journey or discovery and appreciation of the things I knew and was going to learn about myself.

This episode still makes me really emotional, but in a strange nostalgic way, long after the feelings I had then have ebbed away into peace of mind.

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"What day is it?", asked Pooh.

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"My favorite day" (minor spoilers), said Pooh.”

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I definitely loved the ride this episode, and it won’t be the last stop the feels gondala makes in Aria. :p


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Sometimes we burden ourselves with excessive self-imposed rules, and I think Alice in this episode was an interesting representation of that.

Although it is necessary to impose ourselves some obligations and objectives in order to live responsibly, taking it easy sometimes and recognising that we can't possibly accomplish all of them every single time is also needed. But worry not! There will be surely plenty of time to try to retake them if we surely let go of the artificial restraints we were applying earlier and replace them with more realistic goals.

And of course, help from others should never be dismissed and accepting it should never be considered as something that lowers the value of ourselves. There is no shame in accomplishing our goals with an accompanying helping hand. Others may need so too at other times and that is when the favor should be returned. Isn't being helpful to others also a fulfilling personal life goal?



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First-time watcher

Episode 7 is another reminder why I love Aria’s OST. When Aika and Akari are following Aria, the tone of the episode gets slightly darker, and the track does a great job in expressing that. Akari describes the mood perfectly with this one line:

It’s like we’ve wandered into a labyrinth..

The track does a phenomenal job in getting us to feel as nervous as Aika and Akari in the current situation, and really does well to accompany the mysterious atmosphere the episode is giving off at this point.



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Oh dear, this episode... the good feels, the good feels.

Everyone, hop in into the first ever "feels gondola", hope you enjoy your ride :)



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The first season was already top-notch, but Natural is just superior in everything. I'm falling in love with this show, honestly.



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First Timer

After a long last week (with chaos at work and my birthday) I finally got the chance to sit down and catch up. Thank you President's Day for this as I needed Aria to cleanse my soul after all the stuff from the week before.

Again this show seems to always end the episode before (The Animation did a similar thing where the penultimate episode felt more like the end to the season than the actual last episode).

I really like the ending here where we get hints that things are going to move forward for our girls. Its incredible that nearly 48 episodes ago we start with them and they are still in the same position as then. The not-so-subtle hints of the mentors planning for the girls next step forward was really nice. I especially liked Alice and Athena's moment.

I also learned a few days ago that a dub has been made of this (via a kickstarter) and will be released soon (ish)? Curse my luck.



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I'd like to share a story today, because this episode really hit me on a personal level.

So during my winter break, my cousin who was in college decided to come visit, and offered to take my family to the Reunion Tower in Dallas on Christmas Eve. I was pretty hesitant in doing so since I had an irrational fear of heights, and was mostly a lazy bastard. I ended up being convinced to come along anyway, and I got to go the top of the tower, and the sight of witnessing the city I lived in all my life was absolutely breathtaking. My cousin really drove home the fact that I had to appreciate things like this in life, because opportunities like these come every once in a lifetime. I gained a newfound appreciation of the world around me, and the me taking a chance to experience it.

This is what made this episode so wonderful. To find joy in the journey instead of the destination, and to appreciate many of the corners and detours in the world. That sight of Neo-Venezia was amazing, and just makes me fall in love with the show, and its capability of teaching you so many valuable lessons.

Great episode overall.



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Although magic or obvious supernatural phenomena is never explicitly a major aspect of Aria, in some regards, you could nevertheless say that 'magic' has a role in the story, because there's certainly something intangibly special about Akari. Of course, I'm not saying the others aren't special, especially not of the Water Fairies themselves, but being granted a very rare audience with Cait Sith carries a bit of weight.

Speaking of, Cait Sith certainly heads up an eclectic array of companions, although as mentioned, it would definitely be fitting for one who is the heart/soul of Neo Venezia. That said, I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that we're already quite familiar with the most notable individual of this cat clique.



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Wow wtf bros no one told me Akatsuki's mom was the best girl all along



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I should at some point finish this, watched the first few episodes of it :> Nice to see the dog/cat acting career before it got it's part in Amanchu :> One of the first things I thought seeing the first episode hehe.



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I'm just glad that after like 15 supernatural encounters, Akari has actually started telling people about them in a way that doesn't make it just sound like she's messing with them.



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I've uploaded the full version of the OP used in this episode (Euforia - Hikigatari) for anyone interested.

(Please let me know if link doesn't work)



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Not related to this rewatch, but is this series episodic or does it have some sort of plot?