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I ummed and ahhed over posting this for the longest time, but fuck it. If you guys find it off putting I'm sorry, but hopefully at least someone finds it interesting

First Timer - Sub

"Finally I get to create a family for you"

Okay show, come on, be fair, cough it up. You can't just steal my heart like this and then decide not to give it back. Pretty sure I'll need that for something else.

MAJOR music nerd warning

  • I find myself somewhat sorry I've inflicted myself on you all today hahaha.

So the song playing when Biscuit and Mika were talking (next to the unconscious Orga) was just beautiful and it tricked me. Turns out it was a new song (or at least I don't think we've heard it before, if we did it was a day I had a headache and didn't have my headphones on), Make you believe AND I LOVE IT because it does a really clever thing with the main theme and shows just how awesome this music writer is.

Technical music stuff, SKIPPABLE, but I thought some people may appreciate it to understand why I'm so in love with this soundtrack

So for people not so familiar with music theory, when you're counting out the beats in a song you can divide it up into groups called bars. A bar in most of the music people know have 3 or 4 beats in it, and can be written something like this:

3/4 - | 1 2 3 | 1 2 3 | 1 , etc

4/4 - | 1 2 3 4 | 1 2 3 4 | 1 , etc

Where this matters is that you generally have an accent beat that's stronger then the others. In 3/4 that's almost exclusively the first beat which I briefly touched on last time. In 4/4 that's the first AND third beats. Because of this system, shifting something that was written into 4 beats to fit a 3 beat structure, or visa versa normally requires some significant editing or drawing out or compressing parts of the song to make room for that extra beat. Even when you have covers or remixes they generally stick to the same beats but just change up the tempo because its so much easier.

I got fancy and made a file for you all as a referance. In that mp3 there's three versions of the "main tune" as it were. The first two are from different parts of the IBO theme song. The last version is from todays Make You Believe (Not the part of the song you hear in todays episode, but you can hear the beats in this part of it much easier)

The first two fit best into 4/4 time. In the first if you listen to the instruments (I suck at identifying them) humming along in the background you can hear they change notes on the first and third beats and its nice and even. In the second part you can listen to the percussion (drums of some sort), they sound three beats in a row and then a have a beat of silence and repeat. The nature of the 4/4 setup gives the song a really strong foundation which helps when its being used for action scenes or big dramatic moments because all the beats are even and balanced with each other.

The third part is in 3/4 despite being the same tune. Again, listening to the background, I think its a piano playing on the first and second beats, with a beat of silence, its a group of three. I know it can be a little hard to hear if you're not use to it, but this grouping of three beats with only one accent means its a lot more laid back, more flowing due to being uneven. This is called the Waltz signature because it leads itself to that sort of lilting pattern where you just sort of swing around the song, rather then landing on the beats one after another.

Why the technical music stuff matters

The reason I wanted to give a bit of a focus on the technical stuff is because it shows the smart writing that went into the main theme. Usually tunes are not so easily moved between time signatures because it leaves you a beat out and ends up sounding downright weird. The way she wrote this theme allowed her to do so easily by only slowly the song down significantly and swapping out the background tunes to match the new beat structure with no other changes. Its incredibly smart and I love it all the more for actually pulling it off (particularly because it relies on a rhythm of notes called triplets which use to be the bane of my life in choir).

It means that very easily we get an entirely new structure and feeling from almost the exact same piece of music without having to do a major rewrite in any way. Nota said when she picked the IBO main theme as the song of the day for episode one that:

it is reserved for only the most important scenes throughout the season

I'd personally argue this is one of them. Orga just confessed (drunkenly) publicly that he sees Tekkadan as a big family after their first real time 'off' from duty. With no surprise we have the rest of them accepting it just as easily and as silently as Mika did last episode. Even Akihiro says to Biscuit they are family later on as well. Like a lot of the big moments in the show they're followed up by these smaller quieter chats between just two or three people to reinforce the ideas from the rest of the episode and I love it.

There's a bit of a role swap happening here, Mika acknowledging Orga's guts and strength as being what keeps them together when that's often what Orga leans on Mika for, and Mika acknowledging that today he helped influence a decision that only a couple of episodes ago was well outside his comfort zone. And in the middle we have Biscuit, the rational, logical core of the family standing up and acknowledging that now they're on a new path, for the best and if only Orga could lean on them more. Later during the meeting with the old guy he acknowledges what Biscuit says in his own way, acknowledging that they build Tekkadan TOGETHER as a house, as a family.

For the first time in some of these kids lives they have time to relax, have some fun, and they're safe from threats for the mean time due to Naze's help, Naze who has helped them all indirectly understand the meaning of family. This new song perfectly shows that to me. Its still the core of Tekkadan's strength, but in a new setting surrounded by care for each other and the family. Winning these sorts of internal battles are just as important as the big external threats.

If you guys want a really cool alternate version of the theme as well, I found this which sounds great while looking for sheet music online.

On the off chance anyone's curious, the only anime song I know off the top of my head that's in a time signature other then 3/4 or 4/4 is Wind by Akeboshi, one of the Naruto EDs which is written in 5/4, accent on beats one and four (some 5/4s will have the second accent on three instead). This gives it a beautiful swaying feel which lends to the melody so much.

Random NON MUSICAL thoughts and bits and pieces

  • I notice the old man has his plants upright. I wonder if anyone back on Mars ever fixed that.

  • There was another song I also loved during Atra and Amida's talk which I think was also a remix of another OST song, but yeah, one song blab is enough for one day

  • Yamagi being shy about the other guy is funny as hell still, especially that Takaki noticed

  • I had some serious second hand embarrassment going about how obnoxious they were while partying at the bar, I felt sorry for the other patrons.

  • I loved the little details when Naze was doing his calligraphy that the ink dribbled in spots or the brush left extra lines.

  • Not one piece of Mika's clothing actually fits him other then his space suit. His pants are rolled up, his jacket is huge, his singlet top hangs off him. Someone get the boy some proper clothes... not that Atra would mind if some of them fell off him I'm sure.

  • I'm still suspicious of you Fumitan, I just am, I don't know why but it's a thing

  • Once again I LOVE the little continuity details in this show. When the feast first happens we see Ride stealing sweets and later find out what he's doing with them. They didn't have to include that, they could have easily just had the second scene and it still would have made just as much sense, but seeing him get called out on it earlier by Takaki is fantastic.

Speaking of Takaki - Mostly unrelated to the show, but minor rant: So for that one line of dialog that Takaki had today just triggered something in me and I spent a good three minutes staring at my anime folder trying to figure out where I know his voice from before it finally clicked. IT'S THE FUCKING TWINS FROM TSURUNE. Why dear god did it have to be those fuckwits? Now I'm not going to be able to unhear it and I utterly despise those twins but I actually really like Takaki. This has left me very conflicted.

But that voice!

Edit: Making my usual replies and noticed that I had a gold name (how does that even work) and had to go back up to figure out wtf was going on. Funny. /u/RX-Nota-II now you know why /u/galewulf dumped me with a crazy eye for detail tag. My eyes just gravitate to all the small insignificant shit.



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No making any laughs in rewatcher comments anymore, and no spoiling or so much at hinting at future mega spoilers. If a first-timer happens to notice this it’s one thing, just don’t confirm or deny it yourself.

Tekketsu no Rewatcher, first time dubbed

Obligatory Discord link.

A couple more fun things:



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First-Time Watcher

I guess that means the two of us weren’t on equal terms to begin with.

Colonialism is not a thinking machine, nor a body endowed with reasoning faculties. It is violence in its natural state, and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence.

Welcome to Mars; hope you don’t die.

I’m coming into this as a Gundam virgin, but if this is what it’s going to be like, it’ll be a hell of a time. I’m reminded quite a bit of The Expanse, particularly in its focus on Mars-Earth conflict and colonization, although Expanse had its conflicts more focused on the outer belt. Also, I don’t remember The Expanse having child soldiers, so that’s something unique.

This first episode does what it needs to very well; it gets us a little acquainted with our major characters, from Chrysis to Gjallhorn, while setting the tone and themes for the story to come. This is, at its heart, a military story, but it’s not the kind you’re probably used to. I haven’t seen it, but IBO reminds me of this German film I’ve heard of called The Bridge. It’s set during the last days of the Second World War and revolves around a group of young men tasked with guarding a bridge. Whenever you get children involved in a war, you have to think about what you’ve done to get to this point.

Of course, independence isn’t exactly an easy task, whether it be from the government you find oppressive or the superiors who left you behind. From my guess, the main theme of IBO will be about creating your path and rejecting the flaws of the past generation while recognizing how they may exist in your own.

The only issue I have with this episode is how cartoonish they make the characters we are supposed to dislike. I get why they did it; it’s just a lot.

We’ll raise that blood-red flag tomorrow; until then…



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First Blood

Iron-blooded orphans? More like iron-bodied orphans

The women's characters designs aren't slacking either, Fumitan especially. Given how hot most characters not named after confectionaries are, it feels like I'm watching Shokugeki. Heck, even the Exposition Duo consisting of Reinhard Knock-off and Garma Knock-off aren't hard to look at.

Favourite character so far is a tie between Orga (he's got that GAR charm going on) and the Lt. Cranky (the old man has a sense of honour). Oh, and Mikazuki's voice sounded immediately familiar, turns out he shares his VA with Rei Kiriyama from 3-gatsu!



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A Gundam Fan’s Notes On Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Episode 25:

  • You know, it’s not very surprising that Mikazuki doesn’t really remember Lt. Crank at all. Mika can barely even be arsed to remember the names of McGillis and Gaelio, and just uses nicknames instead. Why would he remember one guy he killed a few months ago? Let’s all say it together again: Mika has no chill.

  • And now McGillis’ full game plan comes to light. He’s set up Carta, Gaelio, and Ein as pawns in his scheme to reform Gjallarhorn and root out corruption. He even used Ein’s transformation into a mechanical monster as an excuse to make a point about Gjallarhorn’s corruption. Yes, McGillis did want to make a new form of Gjallarhorn. But he didn’t let anyone else, even Gaelio, know that his plans for the future didn’t involve them. It’s all about McGillis in this desire for reform.

  • In the end, even though McGillis struck down Gaelio in the plains outside of Edmonton, McGillis still saw Gaelio as his friend. It’s just that he’s seen things that the other children of the Seven Stars haven’t, and he’s lived his life in so much hatred and anger that he can’t even let those feelings of kindness and warmth otherwise get through and stop him. Much like Tekkadan, whatever he experienced was so much that it caused him to be incapable of stopping, no matter what.

  • On the plus side, Shino, Azee, and Lafter aren’t dead! Sure, they’re busted up to hell, but they’re not dead. I bet you first-timers got quite the scare yesterday.

  • Good Guy Makanai is letting Kudelia take the Parliament floor for her speech before the election begins. As shady as that guy is, he’s also sure to repay his debts well. It helps to have a shady politician on your side. Now, Kudelia is making her message heard, and is even bringing change to the Parliament itself. She truly is the Maiden of Revolution.

  • And so, Mikazuki finally understands how to use his sword, and kills Ein with a direct stab to the cockpit. And of course he doesn’t care about what Ein is saying before he kills him. To Mika, Ein is just some monster that he needs to kill, even if they’re more similar than both Ein and Mika would recognize. The only difference is that Mikazuki actually has something to hold him back to reality: Orga. Ein retreated into his delusions of absolving sins through violence, and died as a result.

  • Well, this season has a bittersweet ending. On the plus side, Kudelia has finally started negotiations for the deregulation of half-metal, Makanai got re-elected, Lord Iznario got sent into exile after his scheme was exposed, and Tekkadan got a huge payday and a cushy job as Arbrau military advisors. On the downside, McGillis killed his friends to get what he wanted (even though they were on his side), McMurdo Barristan and Nobliss Gordon are looking forward to making a profit off of the expansion of conflict in the Outer Spheres, and Mikazuki has gone blind in his right eye and his right arm is paralyzed. It was the AV System that did it to him. It cleared out the ability to use that part of his nervous system in exchange for giving him increased mobile suit reflexes and knowledge on how to use a sword. Mikazuki made a deal with a devil to win. That eye and arm are Barbatos’ now.

  • And with that, season one of Iron-Blooded Orphans is over! It’s been one crazy and hard journey, for both us viewers and Tekkadan. But the story isn’t over yet!



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Tekketsu no Rewatcher

"Hey Orga, what should I do next?"

Few anime can say they have as memorable a first line as this. Simple yet heavy. Easily understandable and universal, yet unique and central to the story. Iron Blooded Orphans truly knows how to start off an episode. And I feel this is a good metaphor for the rest of the episode as well, as IBO ep1 shines as one of my favorite opening episodes in any show I have seen. Welcome friends, first timers, and rewatchers to the 2019 Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans rewatch. I hope you enjoy your time.

Onto the episode, and let's consider what makes a good first episode, and in particular a good Gundam first episode. The format has been polished and refined through the decades so the important tropes are all clear. Its a double edged sword tho, since for long time fans it can be a tasteful reimagining of the classics, while to first timers it could appear cliche and a bit quick or shallow. Its down to the show's direction and pacing then to balance the wants of the two crowds, and IBO truly delivers. I'm honestly surprised at how much content they were able to squeeze in to this half hour. Either way the objective is simple, make sure the main mech appears in the most hype way possible. But more on that later.

Let's talk about Orga Itsuka. He's the tall dude with weird hair that covers his eye. When I first watched the show airing, he immediately stole my heart, and upon rewatch after rewatch my love of his character just kept on getting bigger and bigger. And its not just me. According to a recent survey to the Japanese public, Orga ranked as the single most popular character in the Gundam franchise. Those strange but sexy looks, abs for years, and charming leadership make me want to join whatever he's plotting immediately. The way he smirks as he orders the bamboozle flair by the first division... hnnng I can't get enough of this.

One trick of this episode that I absolutely love is the use of slow moments/scenes to contrast the action. Scenes like Mika's walk with Kudelia alone down a deserted hallway, Yukinojo's smoke break talk with Orga, or the kids literally sleeping, all go miles in calming my hype and making the show feel grounded. And its because I enjoy these breaks that the sudden acceleration into the mecha fights feel like such a big spike in energy. Similar examples I can think of include Re:Creators quiet reflective moments before the dimension jumping battles and Zankyou no Terror's sleep inducingly boring school trip setting the stage for the bombing. As such its the 'first episode trope' that I enjoy the most and hope for every time I start a new show. Do you guys have anything like that?

Finally, the Gundam. As I said earlier the mission for any Gundam first episode is to make its appearance be as hype as possible, and what can be more hype that wielding a giant fucking mace? That's right people, this brutish demon of a mech prefers to fight with physical melee weapons to make a statement. We rewatchers call her mace-chan. Right, Genesisera? And 'right?' is just the work I want to keep on using here because that callback to the first line as the monstrous machine rises into action in the distance is just the perfect ribbon to tie off this episode. A repeat of the quote would have been fine, but Orga's reply added in just makes it pure sexiness.

So what should we do next?

Mecha Corner

Just some comments on the significant mechs introduced today

Mobile Worker

Basically a very lightweight tank with 4 wheels and anime logic suspension that make sure it never gets stuck. Tons of different models for different militaries and such, but their performance is more or less identical. At least, in the important metric in that they are so hopelessly outclassed by mobile suits that while they are armed they really don't serve as a meaningful threat in this world. Like a blade in a gunfight, does anybody really care whether one is shiner than another? Individual paint/color variations for notable pilots exist too, such as obnoxious bad taste pink for obnoxious loudmouth Norba Shino, sky blue for 'Space Guts' Akihiro Altland, and white for totally-not-Gundam-pilot-foreshadowing Mikazuki Augus. They are piloted with some anime standard controls and.... plugging a giant ass cable into your back? What's up with that? laughs in rewatcher

ASW-G-08 ????????

Mystery mech who's name hasn't been revealed. Massive Season 1 overall spoilers And I'm willing to guess like 0 rewatchers remembered that part and spoiled yall anyway. Not that it matters, but technically the name drop is next episode and all ya know? Regardless, what a beast. Unapologetic HUGE yellow V-fin on its head, the red chin nib enlarged to become a full on beard looking thing, and.... what happened to its waist?. Not necessarily the most unique Gundam design, but definitely has a super recognizable theme going for it which is nice. But also, don't you think it looks kinda off? Like, its incomplete. Where's the shoulder armor?. The back of its head is kinda just missing, and that forearm armor is just a color and style that doesn't match at all. Truly the 'found in a junkshop' of Gundams and it looks the part.

EB-06 Gjallarhorn Graze

Oh shit its the factspheres from Code Geass, who missed those? More on these tomorrow but in short its the main modern mobile suit of Gjallarhorn and a fan favorite. Every single Gundam show ever created has tried to emulate the successful design of the RX-78 original Gundam and many have succeeded. Every single Gundam show ever created have also tried to emulate the successful design of the Zaku II but basically everyone has failed here. Except the Graze. Everyone loves the Graze. And how could you not? It looks so unique and cool!


GIFs of the day

Coming maybe tomorrow, hell yeah I'm making 50+ this rewatch for optimal sharing/shilling!



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Thoughts on MS Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans episode 2...

Non-Spoiler Character Chart - I hadn't picked up on Orlis being killed last episode; in hindsight I'd have left him out of the character chart entirely like that CGS kid that died. Ah well! He's grayed out now as all deceased characters are in this.

This ain't the original MS Gundam, our Gundam pilot doesn't need a manual! In all seriousness, far too many Gundam shows have the "untrained kid falling into the cockpit" trope so I'm glad they don't go with that here and he's a trained pilot, just not of a Gundam model yet.

Its hard to think of a charcter named Ein being a human; makes me think of the dog in Cowboy Bebop!

The Gundam is out of fuel! Something we hardly ever get in a Gundam show!

Atra looking like she's about 10 years old makes her driving a truck a rather odd sight.

Looks like Crank is going to be the "Ramba Ral" type charcter for this show, he's even voiced by the same VA who did Ral in the English dub of the MS Gundam trilogy (also Norris in 08th MS Team).

Cookie! Cracker! Biscuit! LOLOLOLOL with those names.

Mikazuki walking around with blood all over his face? Can't he wipe himself off? Probably makes Atra, who looks to be crushing on him, thinking he's even more badass...

Yep, your own father sold you out Kudelia! X_X

This show's ending song/sequence reminds me a bit of the first one from Eureka Seven, just that they are panning down a shot of the cast rather than up as in that show.

Another thing that makes me think of Bebop, sounds like they'll be having different characters narrate the next episode previews. Cookie and Cracker this time.



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Palloc Has Protected His Feet Today. We Have Lots of Mech Stuff To Talk About!

Lets get going with the best reveal of the day! THE GUSION REBAKE FULL CITY! I have no clue what the fuck any of that means, but the wiki tells me it's coffee related. I don't know and I don't care. Lets talk about what's important, how it's been upgraded!

First off, it's sub arms are proper subarms now, the old ones were just torn off a Graze and duck taped onto the Rebake. Full City's are Gusion made for a cooler look.

More importantly, we get one of the best fucking weapons in the series. The Scissor-Variable Rear Armor. It's just a giant fucking pair of scissors that doubles as armor. Or if you really want to geek out, move over Build Fighter nerds, Akihiro's got a giant pair of gunpla nippers and he's going to make model kits out of a bunch of space pirates' suits. Gusion Rebake Full City gets a 9/10 from me! I love those damn scissors!

Mika continues to Mika and just keeps killing people left and right. That one dude that he just punches into their cockpit was really messy. Unfortunately for Mika, Gjallarhorn has their own killing machine with Jullietta. Because she pops up, we get ANOTHER DAMN MIKA SHOWING UP CUT TO CREDITS SCENE GOD DAMMIT DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

In other news, Merribit is the new Biscuit. Glasses guy is the only adult who I can't remember their name that isn't evil. Mask dude is yet another person that hates McGillis. Man, everybody fucking hates McGillis. Except Isurugi. He seems to like him.

And finally, we get two new suits!

We get the Hugo, which the pirate leaders are using. It has a weird frame that I don't think anyone else uses. It's kinda okay. Kinda boring. 5/10. It's just kinda there.

Next up we get the Reginlaze, Gjallarhorn's planned replacement for the Graze. It has a new Reginlaze frame, based on the Graze frame but less horrible. This type piloted by Julietta currently is kinda boring, but maybe we can make it into something nice later on. High 6-low 7/10. The Reginlaze will depend heavily on who's piloting it.


1: I like it all. Mika's good at killing with everything.

2: Tekkaden plans are never wise. They're just the fastest route!



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TFW you open your document to copy your comment but see that you've forgotten to add your imgur links...

Another short post today, for pretty much the same reasons as before.

Oh look! It’s a reused shot, I don’t think we get many of those in Gundam shows nowadays.

Kudelia has trouble sleeping, as should be expected considering the task she has set before herself, its magnitude aptly represented by the vastness of space before her as she stares into the night sky. Kudelia might have found her resolve after witnessing Tekkadan’s own, and been helped along by Mikazuki as to make her understanding the true depths of the Martia’s plight, but insecurity still eats at her. Her talk with Mikazuki soon after once again helps her regain herself a bit by reassuring her that they’ll all make it through the situation they’re in because Orga said they would, following it up with the statement that he will make sure she arrives on Earth. In that moment Mikazuki makes it evident that he takes on Orga’s responsibility himself —just as he always has— or it could also be construed as Mikazuki further reassuring Kudelia by specifying that he will be there to aid —a person Kudelia can trust.

Then we get to hear the Moon was severely damaged during the Calamity War, which always gets me thinking about what possibly could have done so. Just battles of the sort we’ve seen in the show aren’t enough to make it so that the Moon is scantily visible, I would guess it was reaction nuclear weaponry, or whichever fancy-schmancy sci-fi equivalent they have in the Post-Disaster timeline.

Atra quits her job and is to join Tekkadan on their mission, which seems quite the negligent thing to do. In fact, they’re taking all the younger kids with them, which doesn’t seem all that good of an idea to me. That’s more mouths to feed aboard a space vessel with limited supplies and a month-long voyage ahead of them. Not to mention they’re putting them in overt danger. The only good reason I can think of to do this is that they’re afraid Gjallarhorn will get to them while they’re gone, but I’m pretty sure they’re leaving Dexter back at the base and he’s a greater liability as someone with lots of knowledge as to their actions. I don’t know, maybe they just wanted extra hands to work the ship.

Gaelio and McGillis pretty much have Conrad’s next move figured out, unsurprisingly, and hatch up their own plans to capture Kudelia alive and make her into their own puppet with which to manipulate the independence movement. In doing so they sabotage whatever it is Conrad’s scheming while also ensuring for themselves a valuable asset. This impromptu plan really showcases McGillis opportunistic nature.

The extended battle sequence is quite entertaining, and in it Conrad finally gets what was coming to him. He actually put up a decent fight though, he would’ve landed a potentially fatal hit on Mikazuki had Akihiro not been there to back him up. It’s nice that the show didn;t forget that Mikazuki is still a relative beginner at piloting and can still be outdone, being carried above the grade of Gjallarhorn specialists by the Alaya-Vijnana system and good instincts. Gaelio and McGillis are able to put Mikazuki on the defensive as well, forcing him to retreat an make his timely escape.

I’m going to take this time to talk about the nature of fights in IBO now that we’ve had our first space battle. I do really like the battles in IBO, especially a few upcoming ones, but I they really should have chosen a different style of mecha design if they were going to have visceral metal-on-metal battles. I could have been slightly more forgiving if it was a setting where every mobile suit is basically a glass cannon like late U.C. or most AUs, but the exposed-frame style seems out of place here. The exposed sections of inner-frame are not going to fare well with this type of fighting, and in space the problem is worsened by the amount of scrap and debris that flies around during battle. An explosion like the one that occured on screen just before this screenshot was taken would have sent tiny metal shards everywhere, more than a few of which would’ve struck the Gundam and caused minor damage. On that same image you can see debris clearly in front of the ‘smoke,’ which were chipped away just by the Gundam being shot at seemingly harmlessly. A prolonged battle in these conditions would result in severely damaged inner frames in a relatively short amount of time. That’s not even getting into ranged weapons, which the Gundam is seen shrugging off easily despite being shot at in a vulnerable spot. I know nitpicking the realism of a Gundam show is aa fruitless and meaningless endeavour, but if your show’s action sequences are going to be predicated on a lack of beam weaponry then you have to have it make sense in context, otherwise it comes off as poorly thought-out and lazy.

Orga’s gamble on the asteroid trick worked out this time, but his comrades weren’t wrong to be apprehensive, with Shino outright calling it suicidal. His decision to carry through regardless says alot about his leadership skills, but also about the unconditional trust he has on the other Tekkadan members in believing they can pull it off together. Both him and Eugene had quite the badass moments during the maneuver. Quite the exhilarating scene!

I came here to laugh at you.

Not many today cause some of them looked to be too much in hindsight, but here’s a few shots/lines worth taking a closer look at:

From one light to the next.


Interesting sights

Questions of the day:

1) Very.

2) Frankly, I was quite disappointed with how soon we left Mars. This is the first Gundam show to have Mars as a setting and I really wanted to explore it more thoroughly. We barely saw past anything past the Tekkadan base.

EDIT: Fuck, I just realized the little end blurb I wrote on the Isaribi is missing. Which document did I write it in?

I'll edit it in of I find it soon, otherwise I'll just quickly write up a shortened version.



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First time viewer.

Judging this season on its own compared to judging it as the halfway point in its overall story? Not something I've had to do for a Gundam show before. I'm sure I have a lot of smaller opinions I could draw out but I'm not thinking clearly enough to sit down and recall everything that would be appropriate at the moment.

Overall the mobile suit designs are solid, from the bulky Gusion to the angular Graze. The Graze fits well as the mass production grunt suit with variants for different situations, particularly when all of the military forces are under a single banner. The Barbatos is sometimes a departure compared to other main protagonist Gundams, not in its general look but rather how it's shown with a more demonic presentation in direction compared to the others (even taking the "White Devil" moniker into account). It's a contrast that befits its pilot.

Mikazuki being a calm, collected weapon in relation to Orga's brash nature and their opposing outlooks is an interesting character disparity. Orga aims to make a family, Mika (in my view at least) only cares about Tekkadan because Orga does. I still see Mika ruining things in the long term when Orga tries to go against the idea he internalized long ago.

On the other side, McGillis is a bastard and I love antagonists like him. Calculated betrayals are great when executed well and everything was set up perfectly on his side. But is he aiming to solely grab power for himself or does he believe in a better Gjallarhorn even if it's outside of his grasp?

That Graze Ein had targeted the heads rather than the cockpits of Lafter’s, Azee’s, and Shino’s mobile suits was a detail I hadn’t noticed, so yeah I hope that appeases you guys who were complaining.

Nope. It was directed in a certain way that ended up being misleading, justified in-universe or otherwise.

What has been your favorite aspect about the show so far?

Overall writing and how the characters are utilizing the setting.

What has been your least favorite aspect about the show so far?

Spoilers and the people that don't tag them.

Did your favorite character survive this season?

Fumitan's still with Kudelia via the necklace. Biscuit's living on in Tekkadan but he probably wouldn't be too happy with how they followed up. At least he'd be happy that most of them were lucky to survive.

What is your opinion on the series’ mech designs? How do they compare with those of other mech series you’ve seen? Do you have a favorite among them?

I still miss the original Gusion.

Is there anything that you think should have been resolved or addressed this season that wasn’t?

I'm curious how Tekkadan will fare without Kudelia for a while, and how the overall Gjallarhorn vs. Earth Sphere's economic blocks vs. Outer Spheres aspect will play out.

Specifically, Kudelia's father selling her out wasn't fully resolved. It was more pushed onto Nobliss who ended up being useful, but her own family issues are still out there. Not that she necessarily needs her family's support at this point given how she's becoming more of a public figure, but still.

Season 1 Totals

Model Destroyed
Graze 31
Man Rodi 4
Gusion 1
Spinner Rodi 4
Schwalbe Graze 1
Graze Ritter 14
Rouei 2
Ryusei-Go 1
Kimaris 1
Graze Ein 1


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First Timer

Last episode introduced moe, but now we are literally K-ON! I didn't expect Gundam to suddenly turn into one of my all time favorites, this show is full of surprises.

There's a distinct lack of tea though, but still a great start to any episode.


Smh, Princess can't even tell the difference between a Dog and a Cat Paw? Those instructions couldn't possibly have been any more clear. Also, that knife doesn't look like standard kitchen equipment, but perhaps that's just me.

I gotta hand it to Biscuit, his friends had a mighty serious expression when they were calling for him and he plays it off so cool. Best boy confirmed.

But for real though, that was pretty cool. I imagine that he's used to pretend nothing is wrong even when everything is terrible, mostly so that he wouldn't worry his sisters.

I'm enjoying this way too much. Much like Atra's scream yesterday, Kudelia's scream is hilarious.

That face though.

Uh oh... Atra pls. She couldn't give him the bracelet herself? :(

Did they handcuff his thumbs?! And with just a strip..? Am I watching this right? I don't think that would prove very effective, though strips can be quite a pain to deal with...

Rarely have I seen anyone backpedal this fast.

Aaaannnd RIP Senpai (and Punchable Face #2). I don't think Orga has any moral high ground doing this, but I can't quite gauge how the show wants us to feel about it - what do you guys think?

I mean..., my guess would be the fact that you literally just handfingercuffed Senpai and blew his head off, but maybe I'm just being touchy.

Hooooh, looks like Princess has grown a bit. And Orga notices this too. We didn't really hear his stance on the issue before, but now at the very least he doesn't feel right about handing her over to Gjallarhorn.

Oh... My... Word.....!!

It has begun.

We end just like how we started - Suddenly K-ON! Though not before getting a bit of a twist, Nobliss Gordon is the one sponsoring Princess, but supposedly also the guy funding Gjallarhorn in capturing her...


doesn't actually know what's going on



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Time for your daily IBO Parody 4Koma!

Episode 25 - To those who have fallen

I choose to believe that what happened in this 4koma also happened in the anime. We just didn't see it because they're now all ghosts.

And oh boy Ein. It will always be hilarious for me that despite the bloodbath from yesterday


Here's another fun thing: When this episode aired in Japan back in 2015, an artist released a little fanart of what actually happened inside the two Roueis.

And here's an album that was posted by u/Helghast-Killzone here on r/anime a back in 2016 for more comparisons of IRL Edmonton vs IBO Edmonton

Album Here

Gundam IBO being featured in the Metro Edmonton frontpage

And for those who wanna read everyone's first time reactions :

Here's a link to the original Season Finale discussion thread



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Greetings Comrades and Fellow Denizens of The Wired, on TODAY'S Episode of IBO, I present the PINNACLE of Superior Sunrise Animation Quality, surpassing even their hit Idol 'Mecha' Show of Rabu Raibu, and by that, BEHOLD COMRADES! ATRA MIXTA in sasuga animation that'd make even Studio DEEN blush ;)

AND in case you think I'm underselling the sheer amount of QUALITY seen today ;)

AND just to keep up the Dank Memes, it turns out that there is one universal constant in Gundam, and I ain't talking about the Char Clone, what I'm talking about of course is that Sydney, Australia always gets sent to the Shadow Realm ;)

AND just to keep things somewhat on topic and also fulfill my contractually obligated fan-art shares, here's Cookie AND Cracker along with Best Boi Orga AND Mika... oh, and also QUALITY Atra appears too ;)

Paging Comrades /u/Beckymetal, /u/RX-Nota-II, and /u/Shimmering-Sky



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> **EIN OFFICIALLY HAS 0 KILLS IN THIS ENTIRE SEASON.** Holy shit, I just realised that. Mind blown.


Total Karma:133 Attendancy:17

comment reddit link>>
> (I assume it was built to fire nukes, *cough,MetalGear,cough*) Those are railguns firing projectiles (a solid chunk of metal, I think?). Tekkadan's was legal as they used conventional material when attacking the Mobile Armour (and only used it to separate the Mobile Armour from its critters by taking down a chunk of the canyon). "Regular" use during the war would have been with projectiles that can pierce a Mobile Armour and take it out, that's the bit that's been made illegal (nanolaminate armour piercing projectiles). > Speaking of Dainsleif, it stuck out to me a very obviously Nordic term, but when I looked it up because it was unfamiliar its just a sword that must kill someone if its unsheathed, nothing much other than that, so that was kind of a disappointing dead end. I think that's the point. Once drawn it needs violence, thus perpetuating a cycle of violence. The same for their weapons, once used the other side will want to use them too thus creating worse and worse battles, with increasingly more brutal weapons.


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Kudelia has got them child-bearing hips, for sure.


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1) What cultural side of Teiwaz do you like more? Italian/Japanese/Neither is to my tastes

I think the Italian side is a really neat thing that isn't seen often in Gundam.

2) This episode introduced us to the head of Teiwaz, McMurdo Barriston. What do you make of his seemingly easygoing and slightly eccentric personality? Was he the type of character you expected him to be?

He's a fun guy who has a cool mustache, so he's ok in my book!



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So this'll be my first comment in this rewatch. All of these in-depth analyses make it tough to say anything useful, especially when I watch the episodes so late in the day. But I've been following along with the show and all of your comments this whole time (as a rewatcher), and I really appreciate all of the thought that everyone puts into what they write.

I just wanted to say that this scene actually made me cry. Orga and Tekkadan's efforts were not in vain, and nothing was wasted. I think that every member who died along the way would feel pride in what they accomplished, and it's a wonderfully complex sentiment that Naze expressed here.

Orga feels like he let them down; he truly wanted all of them to be able to smile when the job was finished, but realistically there just wasn't any way that was going to happen. When all was said and done, he really did accomplish that goal that he expressed in that earlier episode. He gave them a place to die. Nobody left Tekkadan in vain, and every drop of blood spilled along the way served to pave the way for their success/victory in this episode.

It's freaking tough to be a leader, especially in a conflict like the one depicted in IBO. I can't speak from personal experience, but there's enough shown to understand what they're going through. And it's so easy to look back and focus on your mistakes, and think of what you could have done better. But in spite of it all, I don't think that a single member would have changed their fate when all was said and done. Naze is 100% right in this scene; Orga did well, and so did Tekkadan.



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> Honestly? I'm annoyed at the implied deaths from the previous episode turning out to be nothing, particularly between Lafter/Azee/Shino. Sure none of them were definitively dead on screen so I was making assumptions but it removes a lot of the dramatic weight from that battle when all of the major named Tekkadan/Teiwaz characters that I can remember ended up surviving. Welcome to how many of us felt. The main good thing is that at least it's plausible since IBO MSs are built like tanks but with 10x the armor.


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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans

First-Timer (Japanese w/ English Subtitles)

[Episode 02 Reaction] < - > [Episode 04 Reaction]

These first two episodes have been enjoyable enough that I rushed straight home to watch this third one right away after work. Always a good sign! I don’t have much to say, so I’m just going to get right into it...

Note: I really hate even getting hints of future events as it tends to influence my thinking and makes it harder to me to enjoy watching the show. Please be mindful of spoilers if replying to me!

Impressions While Watching:

  • “Hey, what should I do next, Orga?” is not appearing at the start of this episode. Here and I expected it to become a trend.
  • Kudelia’s uselessness in the kitchen only makes her more likeable.

  • I can’t wait for the kids to revolt and kill these adults already. They...they are gonna do that, right? They’re not gonna be child soldier mercenaries for these guys forever, right? FUCK YEAH! Orga drugged them and tied them up!

  • “Just take these off and I’ll spare your lives.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • These executions are brutal. These kids really aren’t fucking around.
  • They’re considering finances and logistics? They’re considering finances and logistics! FINANCES AND LOGISTICS!

  • A single mobile suit? Looks like our man Ramba Ral Crank is here. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!
  • He seems like an honourable and reasonable man.
  • I like how Kudelia doesn’t just try to step up and sacrifice herself, but also makes it clear she intends to go and find some kind of solution where no one - including her - dies. Shame that would be too easy and end the plot.
  • Mikazuki vs Crank. Our first proper mobile suit duel - HYPE TIME!
  • Kudelia’s continuing interest in fighting however she can is admirable. Orga is already the charismatic genius tactician, Mikazuki is already the elite pilot, so I’m guessing she will become the public face and diplomat of the group giong forward.
  • Tekkadan is a pretty good name. "Iron Flower" - I fuck with that.
  • I liked the exchange between Crank and Mika following the duel a lot. It is deeply concerning how disconnected from his humanity Mika is; the boy is acting outright psychopathic and I get the feeling he has some deep-seated issues lurking under the surface.
  • The look in Kudelia’s eyes tells me that she is feeling ready to pull the trigger on an interplanetary war if it comes to that.
  • The ED did that thing where it starts playing during the episode and builds up until the actual ED visuals begin. I love that thing!

Summarized Thoughts:
The three episode rule is in effect, and so far I am pretty impressed. The series thus far has had some problems with excessive exposition and awkward dialogue in places, but it has also had some really strong interactions that are keeping me interested. The pacing of this last episode felt a lot better and I am interested to see how this is going to unfold. It’s not perfect but it’s hitting the right kind of notes and the characters are distinct and likeable in a variety of ways. It definitely passes the 3 episode rule and is still hovering at around a 7.5/10 for me - very good, one of the best I’ve seen, but not in the realm of my favourites just yet.

On The Nature of Alaya-Vijnana:

I was kind of interested in this system, as I remembered Alaya-Vijnana being a concept in Buddhism related to Consciousness, but I couldn’t remember the details of what it was about. Buddhism posits the existence of Eight Consciousnesses, consisting of the core of five sense consciousnesses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Feeling), and supplemented by three Mental: the normal mental consciousness, the defiled mental consciousnesss, and lastly the fundamental "store house consciousness" (which is known as ālāyavijñāna in Sanskrit. Sound familiar?). The last two, including our relevant one, are not accepted by all schools of Buddhist thought, but rather are posited by the Yogachara school of Buddhism as an explanation of the workings of Karma (the spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual directly influence the future events that happen to that individual).

Alaya-Vijnana itself can be described as an all-encompassing foundation consciousness, associated with memory and reflexive or instinctive awareness. Traditional interpretation of the Eight Consciousnesses dictates that the first seven consciousnesses are forever changing and evolving, but that the eighth - Alaya-Vijnana - acts as the foundation for all others, providing all the “seeds” for the existence of a person. In this way, it is posited that this Consciousness acts as the method which induces the cycle of reincarnation. Although the seeds contained within sentient beings are impure, Alaya-Vijnana itself is regarded as immaculate and pure in its original form, yet mysterious, containing equal parts purity and defilement - good and evil. It is believed that through the transformation of Alaya-Vijnana’s defilements into purity, one can achieve Enlightenment and the eventual attainment of Buddhahood.

Now that I have gone over a very rough description (I am not a Theologian, I apologise if I have made any mistakes), the reason I find this interesting is because of its use as the Mobile Worker/Suit Cybernetic-Biological Interface - which like its namesake fundamentally affects and alters the other Seven Consciousnesses of man.

More than that, I am intrigued because Mika’s character over 3 episodes reminds me a lot of the concept of Alaya-Vijnana itself - he acts very much as a blank slate who lacks evil intent or cruelty, but follows instructions that cause him to commit "evils" without mercy because he does not know how else to live. His future is undetermined, and although the potential for kindness is there, so is the potential for great evil. This is all supposition and most probably is me reading too much into things, but I would be very interested to see Buddhist themes and allegories play out in his story, as I feel like he is a great candidate to explore these.

That’s enough random rambling from me for one day. I enjoyed the episode, I can’t wait for the next one!

Questions of the Day:

1) Do you like the name Tekkadan for our characters’ mercenary company? I do, it suits the characters and the theme of the setting, I think.

2) The option to hand over Kudelia for a hefty sum of money was taken from Tekkadan, but what do you think they would have attempted had they possessed the chance to decide? Why do you think so?
Hard to say, I get the impression Orga would've opposed it as he seems to have a pretty decent sense of moral fibre (for an abused child soldier with reasons to be intensely hung up on what others think of him), but if everyone else continually and vocally supported abandoning her, I don't feel like I know enough about him to be sure of what he would do. Protecting the rest of Tekkadan seems to be his highest priority.



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First timer

  • Bakugo is quite angry, but still gets his ass handed to him. Atra was an absolute treasure this episode. She never gets in the way of Mika or Kudelia, her presence is welcome. Plus Mika would never get anything done without someone to spur him on.

  • Fuka is adorable. I love a happy end. Please don't kill him.

  • Tekkadan has some internal strife. Orga's got a lot on his plate but needs to look at things from the top down. I hope we aren't going to get an uprising from within Tekkadan.

  • As always, McGillis is ahead of the game. As much as I love the chess game he's playing, I want to see him on the front lines again. With someone that's worthy of opposing him - like Mika, for instance.

Extra thoughts:

  • Is Mika's arm permanently broken?
  • Love the new ED. Spyair for the OP and Granrodeo for the ED



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> Episode 29 - An unexpected Turn of events He's right. Everyone knows Gundams don't have mustaches. [](#yousaidsomethingdumb)


Total Karma:73 Attendancy:13

comment reddit link>>
> Mika held it together much better than I expected honestly. I think his immediate priority of getting Atra and Biscuit to safety helped, but not flying off the handles on seeing how badly hurt she was is pretty impressive considering how rage-blind we saw him last time he thought someone got hurt. I would say Mika is more restrained this time because although Atra is badly beat up, she's still alive and breathing when Mika saw her the first time. While in the case of Cookie and Cracker back on Mars, the two really looked dead when Mika rushed to the scene. ​


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i like eugene being the only kid who questions orgas leadership and i think thats why orga keeps him close orgas smart enough to know he doesn’t wanna be surrounded by yes men


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Rewatcher here, this time I'm substituting the occasional engrish with the occasional jaypaynees.

A perfectly good logo, ruined. What I want to know is how they managed to slap a giant X across it. Did they boot up the Barbatos or Graze just to vandalize their own property? And why does it seem like they have a mech-sized paint roller? And later Ride does the job properly, so what even was the point of the first attempt? And where did the giant paint roller go? It probably would have made the white layer a lot easier. I'm just left with so many questions about this whole sequence of events.

I'm a lot more attached to the OP after realizing we have a shot of Tower-kun pre-abuse. Better times, better times. ;_;

I feel like there might be something interesting in the diagrams, but I don't see much of note at least. Well, I believe hakobune means "ark"; a bit too on the nose for a space port if you ask me, and not really specific to the diagram. I would like to point out that the sub and dub make the minor mistake of referring to Mars' synchronous orbit as "geosynchronous orbit" (which is specific to Earth) instead of "areosynchronous orbit" (which is specific to Mars).

Oh come on guys, you wreck the hangar but not the bland uniform design?

Get you a subordinate who looks at you like Gaelio does to McGillis.

McGillis is such a hypocrite, threatening to arrest Coral for bribery when he's no stranger to it either. I imagine chocolate is pretty rare out as far as Mars, so I can see it being a general gift to have handy when out inspecting. The cute baggy and ribbon are a bit suspect though, so I won't quite dismiss this as attempt an attempt to grow a harem.

Edit for questions:
1) D. Is that even a real flower? Always pick the joke answer. More seriously, I think so? I think I saw someone compare it to the Lebanon cyclamen during the original run. Apparently cyclamens are pretty hardy, so I guess it's a reasonable choice for our space rats. As for if I actually like the logo - not really. It reminds me of a jester hat too much to ever take seriously.
2) For mecha stuff, I come for action and stay for anything really. I'm pretty sure I'm way more forgiving of shows that sacrifice plot coherency for more action than most folks, but I'm fine with whatever route a show chooses to take.



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First-timer (well, rewatcher for a first ~10 eps or so, but whatever)

Goddamn, gentlemen. You write so much stuff that by the time I've read all those comments I feel like there's nothing more valuable to say for myself.

So, instead of forcing myself to think up something smart, here some faces of precious goods that should be protected from evil Goylahjourn by all means.



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As I said yesterday, THIS is the episode that sold me on this series. the one that made me think this show was different. Back in the day I was shocked by Mika's actions, up till now we watched him kill, of course, but always on the battlefield. But this time he kills 2 men, tied, defenseless, point blank and with cold blood. He doesn't even blink about it. This guy is probably a psychopath. This is not how a gundam protagonist behaves.

Which lead me to the most important thing of this rewatch for me, this time I'm watching with another perspective, in later episodes people will realize something IBO

Aside from that, I'm still curious of watching Eugene on Hitler's side, and Crank, he deserves a mention, since he's probably the most honorable man we'll see in the entire series IBO



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"You thought it was Dino, but it was I, McMurdo Joestar..!!"



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comment reddit link>>


This episode is pretty big for character growth. We get a deeper look into the mindsets of Mika, Orga, and Kudelia. With the three main conversations driving the latter half of the episode, there's a lot to talk about.

Orga voicing his feeling to Biscut was a surprise based off of what we have of him so far. He feels immense pressure to not let Mika down. This isn't helped by Mika's complete loyalty and trust in him. Even though siding with Teiwaz may not be the safest choice, Orga feels forced to in order preserve Mika's faith in him.

Kudelia finally discovers something that she can do to contribute to Tekkaden. Teaching the younger children how to read and write is a selfless act on her part. Her help is especially made clear when Season 2 Spoilers.

Mika shares his hopes for the future with Orga in the last conversation of the episode. He wants to stop fighting one day, and become a farmer. We saw how involved he was in his work back on the farm on Mars a couple episodes ago. He demonstrated his ambitions by taking whatever help he can get in preparing for this future. Although he seems pretty one-dimensional to some people, he actually puts a lot of thought into everything he does, which is reflected in the conversation.

This episode also expanded on a few other side characters. Fumitan for example, is much more knowledgeable with technology than most maids are. We also are shown Akihiro alone working his body to the max. His only dialogue in the episode is asking Mika to practice piloting after his workout. Due to his upbringing as Human Debris, he has developed a survival of the fittest mentality. That life and death mentality hasn't changed, even though he's no longer a slave working to stay alive. Like Mika, he's a character who seems one dimensional, but also has many layers beneath the surface.

Here's some screenshots I took of this episode if you're interested, I just wish I could get rid of the Sunrise watermark:

See you all tomorrow!



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> On one hand I want Akihiro to find his brother, on the other hand anime has taught me if he does there's a high probability it will be a horrible moment of finding him dead or something in which case no thanks. [IBO](Spoilers)


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comment reddit link>>

First Timer

This was really fun to watch. I don't know why, but I found the wind-down from the battle so much more exciting and interesting than the fight itself, as fantastic as it was. This ep did an amazing job of actually setting up the world and the characters in it and making both feel alive in their own way. Even though there wasn't a lot of explicit exposition, simply the way certain characters acted (alongside Kudelia's little speech at the conference on what I assume is Earth) did a lot to convey both their relationships and the power dynamics inherent in the world. Seeing the first corps asshole (Haeda?) beat up Orga was pretty hard to watch, but did a great job establishing just how much power the higher ups in the company have over the children, if last episode didn't make it pretty clear already. Stuff like that and a few other things (namely the way Biscuit's sisters talked about Kudelia, and the little scene at the end with the mysterious pilots talking to Coral) did a lot to really build my investment and make me genuinely excited for what's coming up. I love gritty, semi-realistic sci-fi with great characters, and so far this seems right up my alley.


1) Personally, I think they're both right. On the one hand, it's Kudelia's fault, because the colonial dudes (not gonna even try and spell their name lel) wouldn't have attacked if she wasn't outspoken about independence. However, on the other hand, the third corps didn't necessarily have to fight back. They could have easily surrendered and handed Kudelia over, but, instead, chose to defend themselves and go down fighting. While definitely an honorable decision (and the right one, imo) it means that, ultimately, both parties are at fault.

2) I've already watched the op a number of times through youtube, and I absolutely love it. It comes across a bit edgy thanks to the questionable (?) english and rock instrumentals, but I like it regardless. The op ed is a bit average, but the visuals are great and the song itself reminds me somewhat of Smile Bomb from Yu Yu Hakusho, which is probably one of my favorite op's.



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1) [Best boy so far?] Mika, as he really is a good representation of a child soldier.

2) [How about best girl?] I'm not particularly a fan of any female in this season, but I have to pick it would be Atra.

3) [Raise Your Flag or Survivor?]Raise your flag.

4) [Orphans no Namida or Steel: Tekketsu no Kizuna?] Orphans no Namadia

5) [Has the show wreaked havoc on your emotions yet?]Not really, as I've seen IBO before.

8) What has been your favorite aspect about the show so far? The characters? The soundtrack? The action? etc.

I don't care too much for the Characters in this season, so I'll go for the soundtrack.

9) What has been your least favorite aspect about the show so far? Are there any concerns you have going into S2?

Orga, he is a terrible leader and too reckless.

10) Did your favorite character survive this season? If they did, do you think they’ll survive the show?

No comment.

11) What is your opinion on the series’ mech designs? How do they compare with those of other mech series you’ve seen? Do you have a favorite among them?

Most of my favourite designs are in S2, but if I have to pick it's the Kimharis trooper.

12) Is there anything that you think should have been resolved or addressed this season that wasn’t?

I think we could have had some more background on Carta.

13) What do you do at the end of the season? Are you busy? Will you save us?

Wait for the S2 rewatch, since all of my favourites are in there. Plus I want to see the reaction of all of the first timers..



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comment reddit link>>

Ah, yes, the Orcus Company. What a trustworthy name. Coming from the totally honest guy with the not-evil-at-all mustache. What could possibly go wrong.

RIP Australia. Again.


Also, rewatcher spoils



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comment reddit link>>


Just wanted to say that I like how this show really points how these kids are still, well, kids... Something as fucked up as getting "whiskers" is treated like a test of strength for the little ones

I'm also loving the music used for each scene now that I really get to listen to them, and the fact that Mikazuki wants to do farming since I never realized that he got the enjoyment of from the old lady.

I feel bad for Orga sometimes, the guy has to keep Mika going since Mika is also keeping him going too

And finally, and I'm just gonna say it, does anyone else ship Ora and Kudelia? Let the boss have a lady too!



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comment reddit link>>


  • Kudelia looks at some veggies...

  • Atra feeds from a chute...

  • And Orga gets grounded...

(Cue OP)

In other news,

Also, finally the Gundam with the second most mouthfull of a name has arrived...



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comment reddit link>>

At last, the introduction of the battle maracas!



Total Karma:21 Attendancy:4

comment reddit link>>

So far all my comments have been about the music lol, but the soundtracks that play before, and during the battle with Crank are so dam good.



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comment reddit link>>

Rewatcher (Subbed)

I have to make a better habit of doing these write ups much further in advance. It figures the times I do work up the motivation to want to do them I get slammed with a ton of school work.

So the parts I want to point out are how Orga and Mika’s visit to Gyojan are bookended by Kudelia and Atra. It’s an interesting choice since the first scene lasts only 20 seconds and only serves no real purpose other than to show Atra rejoining Kudelia at the farm. They could have shown this after Isurugi’s meeting with the Mars station chief and then transition to the mess scene followed by the call to collect on Terra Liberionis but they didn’t. Instead you have a sequence that sandwiches a very horrible act of violence between scenes that are embodied by the two people in the series you can argue that embody absolute good.

This isn’t just coming from a rewatcher’s perspective but considering my original write up on Orga from the first episode of the season, he’s really living up to this image of being this twisted character. Again we root for Orga and Tekkadan because sure they’re the main characters and they’re the underdogs but consider for a moment that the show isn’t framed around them, that’s pretty fucked up isn’t it what they did to Gyojan? Sure he should eat the consequences of his action but where does Orga get the justification of killing him? He’s made Tekkadan a powerful non-state actor (and again, part of an Outer Sphere mafia group) and his rationale is that he’s upset that people died? Give me a break but that’s a weak as hell excuse when we all know the true reason why he does this. To get to “the place they belong” by the shortest way possible, right? And who else to carry this out other than his literal instrument of death, Mika? Hell, the entire time they’re confronting Gyojan, Orga is as much of a thug as Jasley is. We may hate Jasley due to his opinions of Tekkadan, but what’s really the difference between the two? Now, this isn’t to say that either Orga or Mika are bad or even evil people, but they’re certainly not the “good guys” either. Compare these two to the protagonists in series like MS Gundam 0079, Zeta, Wing, or 00. They all start off having morally ambiguous factions but it’s not long until the show frames them clearly as “this is the side you SHOULD be rooting for” and “this is the side you SHOULDN’T.”

Then it’s followed by Kudelia and Atra singing Mika and the other’s praises as their protectors and other platitudes. Even compare the background music between the scenes. It’s a stark contrast when you suddenly shift from something tense to soft. I don’t think Kudelia and Atra’s ending conversation was made to be deliberate naive about the kind of violence needed to fight the Dawn Horizon Corp, but rather I think it’s to symbolize what these two types of protagonists that we have -- the protagonists we think we deserve in Orga and Mika, and the ones we actually need in Atra and Kudelia.

Lastly, it’s ironic that Orga is so distrustful of McGillis after all this time even though they’re essentially of the same person and that McGillis hasn’t really given him an excuse to be untrustworthy since he’s always upheld his end of the bargain. Yeah McGillis may be a sly and cunning piece of work, but Orga is too. Ambition-wise, they’re the same. They both want something that obviously won’t be given to them and they see as it’s something they must take for themselves and they want to grow to be more powerful than the peers they’re surrounded by. I think McGillis lies to himself in the same vein that Orga does insofar as all of these ancillary excuses are just covers for their true desire -- does he REALLY want to reform Gjallarhorn or does he simply want more power? These two are made for each other.



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> Episode 24 - From now on, Merribit will be singing the song of peace. People seemed to die at a faster pace when she sings that song.


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Heyo! After my friend u/GM_for_life informed me of this rewatch J decided I’d jump in. Gundam history, I’ve got 0079 (the movies anyway), Zeta (plus movies), ZZ, Char’s Counter Attack, 8th MS Team, 0080 War in the Pocket, 0083 Stardust Memory, Unicorn, F91, Thunderbolt, Build Fighters, Build Fighters Try, and Build Divers. Pretty much all the Build stuff I’ve watched.

I’m a pretty big Gundam fan and have the hope of one day catching up and getting through the entire series, so having a rewatch helps. Mecha are fucking rad. I’ll probably try and help out any newcomers by talking about all the terminology gets used, usually carried over from other series.

So starting off, IBO is in it’s own standalone universe so it’s a good entry point in the series, and it’s at an interesting point in technology. Usually Mobile Suits (the name for Mechs in Gundam usually) are the main grunts and higher ups on teams get personalized or more powerful mobile suits, but here Mobile Suits are still at the point of not being mass producible. So the grunt units this time are mobile workers, these neat little machines. I like this a lot, makes the Mobile Suits have a certain weight to them. Looks like we’re starting in 323 P.D., which I’ve been informed stands for POST DISASTER (what a rad name).

Our heroes are a group of mercenaries that are primarily kids, who have been tasked with a job to help this lady out as body guards. Our main enemies are Gjallarhorn, which from what I hear is the Earth Federation equivalent, basically the people on Earth trying to control the space colonies. In a way this is the opposite of the main U.C. Timeline, where the enemies are the space colonists Zeon and the Heroes are on the Earth Federation’s side (usually anyway). So this is a fun inverse.

Characters are nice, I like the designs a lot, and they’re all pretty likeable. Also they’re shirtless in their machines so that’s neat. From what I’ve heard lore wise apparently in order to make any of those Mobile Workers or Suits work you need to have implants which are the things coming out of the backs of the heroes. So that’s different, makes sense though.

I love the suit designs so far, the TK-53 CGS Mobile Worker is the grunt units this time around and they’re really neat, as I said before. The enemies NK-17 Gjallarhorn Mobile Workers are pretty cool too. The Mobile Suits came in at the end which showed just the utter power gap between Mobile Workers and Suits, the enemies having the EB-06 Graze which demolish our Mobile Workers. Luckily we get the signature of IBO up our sleeve, the ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos.

Barbatos is so cool. It’s sooooo fucking cool. I like the toughed up look, the menacing eyes, the signature V fin being different but recognizable, the big slab of metal as a weapon it’s soo damn cool. I really like Barbatos.

Story wise we’re doing a pretty basic start but that’s alright, it’s a good start. Pretty typical for the heroes to be massively outgunned until their special weapon (the Gundam) shows up to even the odds. Characters wise I again like everybody, but need more time with them. In general, a solid but basic start.

Can’t wait for the Char clone. TLDR for newcomers, every series in the franchise usually has a rival character and more often than not they have a resemblance physically or personality wise to the original and most famous rival Char Aznable of Gundam 0079. So it’ll be cool to see whoever that is.

Edit: Forgot to mention the music, which was pretty decent aside from stand out “Raise Your Flag” which is pretty famous so that’s not surprising. It’s a fantastic song.



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> One comedic note about this moment btw, you guys may have heard of "tekka'something in a Japanese context before. That's because tuna sushi rolls are called tekka-maki. And the kanji for that? Iron Flame. So when Kudelia asks 'Like an iron flame?' me and other Japanese viewers could not stop thinking of delicious sushi. I love sushi. I go to a great all-you-can-eat sushi place that is the next town over about once a week or so. (Spider Rolls are my favorite though and they sadly don't have them on the AYCE menu...)


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> Mikazuki "Double tap" Augus. [Foom! Foom! Never goddamn Foom!](


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First Timer

Was busy the last couple of days so this is for the first 3 episodes:

For the longest time, mecha anime was somewhat of a turn off for me (don't really know why), and I generally avoided them. But considering that last year’s SSSS.Gridman has become one of my favorite anime, I thought I should try some more mechas. And what better is there than my first entry into the Gundam franchise!

So far, I'm very impressed. The overall production is good (not that I expected otherwise).

The best part so far is definitely the characters. Many of them have characteristics that I've seen before, but still, both the characters and the dynamics between the is well executed, and the dynamic between Mikazuki and Orga is especially intriguing. This is also backed up by some cool character designs, and many fantastic expressions. The latter is also why Biscuit is my favorite character so far, with Mikazuki right behind.

The enemies on the other hand I'm not impressed by so far. Other than having some (not very much it seems) trouble with fighting/killing children, they've been uninteresting and been used for a lot of exposition. I find the setting very interesting but think the exposition and world building could be handled better.

Probably won’t be commenting that much, since the posts go live inconvenient time for me, but I will at least enjoy the ride!



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> Episode 5! We finally make it to space. I'd love it if some physics dude would be able to confirm whether or not the launching system used would actually work or not. It seems quite absurd, even given the fact that people fight in huge metal robots and stuff like that. As long as the thrust from the boosters is able to overcome the gravity of Mars it should work. Of course, I'm not going to comment on what future technology may look like. Past Gundam shows were made by people who were convinced that floppy discs would still be prevalent.


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Just wanted to let you know that this rewatcher is making me appreciate IBO more and more, I've seen it two times already and I didn't know.. you guys are making it so much more special to me.. Thank you kindly fellow gundam newtypes :)



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> Why is it everyone but Mika gets the bad plums? Are we even sure there really are good plums? Maybe Mika just has very strange taste in food. We haven't seen anyone else eating them, and Mika never seems surprised when other people don't like them.


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First Timer, Dub

Mika, with 3 Alaya-Vijnana implants and an absolute beast with a Mobile Suit, wants to learn to read and write just so that he can learn about vegetables and run a farm. That's... really cool, in a way. Bless his heart.

I haven't been participating in these threads, but I've been watching along and I'm actually really enjoying this. The character dynamics are fun, and I find Mika pretty fascinating as a character. I mean, that's just kind of par for the course for Mari Okada, her character writing doesn't disappoint. This is the third show I'm watching from her, the first two having been Hisone to Masotan and Kiznaiver, and the characters and their dynamics were the highlight of both. Hopefully the story ends up being just as good, because that's where I felt both Hisomaso and Kiznaiver were lacking.



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Probably going to drop out at this point. I tried giving it it more than three episodes and nothing has really hooked me in. I don't like Mikazuki and many of the characters. Orga is probably one of the few decent one to me.

I don't think it's a bad series by any means, but not exactly something i want to invest heavily with. I have a lot of other series on the back burner. (Watched a few episodes of gundam the origin and turn a. Which seem more interesting for me and want to keep watching more.)



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Speaking if Dune... WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER MOVIE ADAPTATION!!! Bad news is, if it flops, we're not getting a part 2 despite being a planned duology for book one.


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The jump from the previous fight scene to the beginning scene with a bunch of people injured was a bit confusing. At first, I thought maybe Carta managed to take out some dudes while she was retreating, but it turns out the people were injured from a later fight on a bridge.

Other than that, this episode was interesting.



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this is my first gundam series outside of a few eps of gundam w, honestly so far im finding this incredibly enjoyable



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> You know, I had a weird thought while writing this, so I’ll note this here: Sometimes, when you’re encountering a narrative, it feels like you are actively watching an event become history, but seeing all of the things that history leaves out. Centuries from now, people will talk about the conflict between Gjallerhorn and Tekkadan and the likes of Mikazuki, Kudelia, Orga, and Fareed, but they won’t talk about Eugene or Akihiro or Crank or Atra or the time that Mikazuki took Kudelia to a cornfield or how much Biscuit cared about his sisters or that Mikazuki wanted to see the moon. Yeah, for sure. I don't know if you've ever played it, but it's something I really loved about Final Fantasy Tactics (the original)- it's *explicitly* about the hidden story of major players that history forgot/never knew in a war between kings, nobility, and the church. It was definitely an interesting angle.


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Raise your flag is such a good OP. Hope you new watchers fall in love with this series like I have, as someone who hasn't been into or tried to get into Gundam since I was a kid watching it on Toonami this show really impressed me, especially with its character drama.



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> Orga Itsuka is a Lelouch clone just better in every way. We can't be friends anymore [](#peasants)


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> Those strange but sexy looks, abs for years, and charming leadership make me want to join whatever he's plotting immediately. The way he smirks as he orders the bamboozle flair by the first division... hnnng I can't get enough of this. He’s basically Gundam Archer (the Fate one). > Finally, the Gundam. As I said earlier the mission for any Gundam first episode is to make its appearance be as hype as possible, and what can be more hype that wielding a giant fucking mace? None of them Kita Yamato rainbows here, we’re going into GLORIOUS MELEE COMBAT AS DECREED BY THE MAN-EMPEROR OF MA- erm, sorry, forgot my indoor voice.


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Rewatcher here: Episode 10

Nothing like a warm comfy episode to remind us of the tragic backstories of these poor children. I teared up the first time and it got me the second time. I just can't deal with starving children hits too close to home for me.

Hands down this is still my favorite image in the entire series. The fear and shock in his face can be felt by every new parent.

I still can't tell if I love the long lost never mentioned brother trope or hate it.

What I do know is that the Graze kai is still the damn ugliest suit in existence.

but we get to see our first chunky boi. Some think its a turtle others think its a heavy bomb suit. Either way Its amazing. TAKE A LOOK

Orphans no Namida



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Old timer here.

This episode was quite a game changer - a main character that just out right execute a tied up prisoner, on a Sunday afternoon TV time slot.



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/u/RX-Nota-II , /u/Shimmering-Sky Here's the first screen cap thread for this week, sorry aboot the delay.



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> give it up for the ONE, the ONLY, MACE-CHAN! (With bonus runner-up Best Girl of The Gundam Barbatos, Mecha Musume style!) [So**beautiful**](#makicry) Weebs need to be stopped


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I haven’t watched a MS anime since oh... twelve years ago? 08th MS team might’ve been my last one.

The backgrounds were phenomenal.

Mobile suits are terrifying.

I love the world building on display.

I’m super excited for this anime. I love the style and grittiness.




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> The blood oath ceremony felt like I was watching some kind of Yakuza induction ritual, even though I have no idea what those look like. Yeah, the yakuza-style sake exchange ritual was exactly the vibe they were going for with that, and they nailed it. The three main banners are traditionally two gods and the current emperor, IIRC.


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It's a lot of characters, but you will get to know all of them, pretty much. It's one of the few shows I've watched with such a big main cast that still does a good job of getting you to feel like you know them all.


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Rewatcher for the third time

(I liked IBO)

In past we got Amuro that had to read a manual, Kira who had to reconfigure all the settings or Badass Shiro that fight a Zaku with a Ball, now we get Mika that just "synch" with the Barbatos and just go to smash mobile suits.

That is the power of the serie, it shoots you in the face all the children abuse and the use of them like cannon meat, like it was natural, a father that sell a daughter or the impulsive youth against the mature battlefield experience.

The OP is amazing, like the ED, just one note to all the italian people out there: DON'T watch the OP with the italian translation or it could ruin the mod.

(Raise your flag, it translates as "alza la tua bandiera" that as some point in common to a certain male event in the morning called in italian "alzabandiera", that is the morningwood... so the "Raise" part is something completely different , so better no sing loudly "Alza la tua bandiera!")

The Barbatos design didn't impress me at first, too skinny, with too many parts exposed, but the backstory about it strikes me like an anvil and all the speech in second season where a treasure.

i don't want to say more, i arrived late to the rewatch, but as someone that rewatched it, to all the newcomers give yourself a second rewatch, because there are some dots that connect better with the second season more "fresh".



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1st rewatch for me.

I love how down-to-Mars and mortal everyone is in this show. Something about the atmosphere of mercenaries and setting up "seeing people as expendable" as part of the air you breathe in this universe. It's a far cry from other Gundam series, and I love it; these aren't adolescents with loving families going to high school on a space station.

You're poor, you came from nothing, and you fight and work yourself raw. Because to you, that's synonymous with living.



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>HOLY SHIT [thats a hell of a crater in the side of Australia]( Goodbye Sydney (biggest city, for now) and Canberra (capital city). But I notice the Gold Coast survived so clearly whoever made this map likes our theme parks hahaha! Do we get to see that moment in any Gundams, cause that would be cool? Kind of puts the crater in K to shame scale wise. This is a reference to an event in the original gundam series [colony drop]( . The events leading up to it and how it happens is now covered in Mobile Suit Gundam Origins which acts as some kind of prequel to the original series. Although this is a really devastating event, it is mostly used as a backstory for the main conflicts in the original series, so hopefully I'm not spoiling anything to you.


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The appearance of the brother was interesting, as it is a good idea to pit the team against those considered human debre, just as most of them were.



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Please keep posting the good threads! This one was awesome


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You might want to consider Most Irritating person of the episode from this forward because there are quite a lot of characters that get on your skin. Gotta feel sorry for Gaelio. Got betrayed by supposedly a best friend who also took your little sister as a bride when he is more of a morally upstanding person stuck in a wrong group.


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God this show sux



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The first time I watched the show I was like damn this is gonna intense. I had to rewind that scene of the kid getting across the map 360 no scoped. Fucking brutal. Also how great the animation was



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I'm not participating in the rewatch (just checking into the comments since IBO is my favorite Gundam), but I'd say to temper your expectations of the rest of Gundam (save for maybe the high production OVA/movies like Unicorn and Thunderbolt which are worth watching for the visuals alone). Not only is IBO an AU, it does some things differently from other Gundam series. Still, I can almost guarantee IBO will be one hell of a ride for you.


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First timer. Only other gundam I’ve seen is Turn A, Turn.

Well, that started off with a bang.

And English. Is the dub okay? Seems fine so far. Just hope I’m not missing anything.

Dang, looks high def. backgrounds are like twice as intricate as the characters. Kind of offputting, but interesting.

Lots of little character interactions. I like the show, don’t tell approach to introducing characters.


Looks like we’re setting up an aristocrat vs working class conflict.



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Tekketsu no Rewatcher

Sorry I'm late, I was busy at school when this popped up. Expect this to be a trend whenever I show up in these threads, except on weekends probably.

  • That prologue really helped set things up that this this ain't your typical Gundam anime.

  • Man, after reaching the end of season 2 it feels really weird to go back to where it all actually began.

  • The only MS they had at this point was just the Barbatos, and it was used as a makeshift generator. After hearing of its history in retrospect, this actually feels pretty degrading.

  • It's nice seeing everyone again. It really is.

  • "All you rats have to do is listen to us!" and with a line like that I hated these adults immediately.

  • Man, how cool that Mobile Worker mock-battle was. I forgot how much these relatively little things played a part in their overall exploits.

  • Seeing Tataki get hit like that made my blood boil, like it did the first time.

  • Eugene being so confrontational with Orga, setting up their differing opinions regarding their lives.

  • So many people were comparing Kudelia to Relena peacecraft when this first aired. I can see why though, she's pretty naive, even if her heart is in the right place.

  • Her own father sells her out to Gjallarhorn, and they plan to kill her and make her a martyr, immediately cementing themselves as the oppresive government system.

  • And Best friends Mcgillis and Gaelio enter the picture. They were also compared to Char Aznable and Garma Zabi from the original series.

  • Oh that workout session. Work those muscles, you two.

  • After seeing the bits of abuse the kids got from the adults earlier, seeing their engineer Nadi having a friendly one-to-one with Orga was really refreshing.

  • Obligatory commercial break to advertise the model kits.

  • After the break we get a glimpse of the regular protests for the independence of Mars. But I'm more interested in what comes next...

  • ...and it's second-best girl(after a certain someone who appears later on) ATRA! That sweet girl, why are you so adorable?!

  • Seeing Kudelia trying to be friendly with them was pretty funny.

  • "But that means we're not really on equal terms to begin with, right?" and Kudelia is hit with her first dose of reality.

  • "But it's hard to let go of a power once you obtain it. That's just how humans are. Even if it is a power that could destroy themselves." hmmm...

  • Oof, seeing those kids get sniped in the head felt like a punch in the gut when I first saw it, but that's war for you, I guess.

  • "Clear. Okay. Next target." flare pops up "ah?" this moment was funny to a lot us when it first aired. A decent bit of whiplash from seeing kids getting sniped.

  • Now it's a full-on skirmish, and we get to see what roles of our main cast get to play.

  • Oh Danji. You poor fool.

  • Mika and Akihiro already showing their chops before they even get their Moblie Suits. And yes, I know it's because of their "whiskers," but still.

  • And the first group continue to cement themselves as hateable bastards, fleeing and leaving our boys to die.

  • "I see the first group is trying to retreat. It would be a shame if something set off. Right Biscuit?" and the first group immediately get their just desserts.

  • Using signal flares on the fleeing forces to lead the enemy away is pretty genius, to be honest. Unfortunately the Mobile Suits just had to show up now, and they showcase just how much of a threat they are by wiping the floor with the Mobile Workers.

  • DANJI, NO!! I don't care how little screentime he got, seeing all these deaths hurt me regardless.

  • As Orga is making his "We will not die" speech, one of the cuts to the base shows the power going out in the background, which was a nice bit of setup for what was coming.

  • "Right, Mika?" any moment now...

  • And our main Gundam Barbatos makes its dynamic entrance, with the bgm reaching its climax, and immediately destroys an enemy mid-entrance. Still one of the coolest Gundam scenes in my opinion.

  • "What are we going to do next, Orga?" "It's obvious, isn't it? We're going to a place, where we truly belong. Yeah?" "Yeah." And thus began their long, arduous journey.


Now on to OP's questions:

  1. Basically anything related to the technology of this series.

  2. I like the cast getting equal amounts of screen-time. Shows us what we need to know for future reference.

Man, it's going to be a wild ride from here on out. This series became pretty divisive as it went on, but I still liked it regardless. Seeing these characters' journey again is definitely gonna be something.

Looking forward to the next thread.

Edit: Edited some stuff to be a bit less obvious. Sorry for anyone who was inconvenienced.



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> Can I also point out that since taking over the base none of the boys have thought to go around and fix all the pot plants that were knocked over I think I've finally zeroed in on a tag for you: '(Crazy) Eye for detail'. > Poor Atra though, looked like a kicked puppy when she realized Kudelia came along, and then an ACTUAL puppy when she noticed Mika had her bracelet on. She's *such* a pup. Did you know: [An Atra evolves into a Ferris when trained up to level 32 and then transferred to an isekai?](


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I swear they mispronounce Mikazuki as well. I could have sworn in the sub it was "Me-Kah-zoo-key" said faster and without emphasis on zoo. The moment I heard it in the dub as Mika Zuki. Even if the do say the forward part correct I still feel they put to much emphasis in the middle part of the name.


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Fix your spoilers dude


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comment reddit link>>


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Do they ever explain why McGillis doesn't just call Tekkadan Mars and tell them what's up and ask Orga to intervene? This is the only plot hole I see in this sequence.

Beyond that it's a great character driven arc for Takaki and Aston (who I am shipping pretty hard). I'm glad that the kid sister also got a few moments with Chad to show us that he was still alive.



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Having had the opportunity to go through this rewatch with y'all, I have a newfound appreciation for Iron Blooded Orphans, its' characters, and the mecha designs.

Great Things about the Show

IBO has solid set of characters. There were around 20 named members of the Tekkadan crew, and they all stand out. We didn't get much development for characters like Chad, Dante, or Elgar (one of the two little boys that Takaki watches over), but each of them has specific traits and behaviors. This cements the sense of Tekkadan as a family. Even when they pulled out some random kids as canon fodder in the last few episodes, our attachment to the whole group has been cemented. The audience comes to strongly identify with this group of blood thirsty, kamikaze attack obsessed child soldiers (so much so that the reasonable, concerned Merribit becomes an annoyance to the audience as well).

Female characters stand out beyond their romantic relationship or cheerleading for the male characters - Kudelia drives the plot, Atra saves the day on numerous occasions and provides the most creative take on the Gundam love triangle ever, and Merribit while teased as a potential love interest for Orga turned out instead to be his moral obstacle / conflicting parental figure for Tekkadan.

McGillis is a great antagonist. He is totally focused on achieving his own goals and doesn't get sidetracked for a moment by trying to one up our heroes. Tekkadan survived and got to some metaphoric "place" but McGillis wins the season and gets exactly what he wants (Kudelia getting what she wants was simply convenient to his goals). Furthermore, he has no interest in getting revenge on Mikazuki or one-upping Tekkadan. This is such a nice change of pace from the usual Gundam antagonist.

Thematically, I have no idea what the author's intent was, but in a political moment of rising militarism in Japan, and proxy wars being fought by militias over the world, IBO in true Gundam fashion pumps up the militarism and shows how morally destructive it is. By showing how superpowers use internal civil to achieve their economic there is a reflection of how Russia / China / the United States operate around the world (particularly in the middle east and south east asia).

Not So Great Things About the Show

The politics. The machinations of Nobliss, McMurdo, Iznario, Makanai, and Kudelia's dad were difficult to follow. I'm not certain what their intent was - and while there was repeated exposition to highlight their motives, I don't think it mattered much in the end. We could have done with a few less sketchy old men pulling the strings behind the scenes (or some clearer development to these guys so that we could really feel their comeuppance). I'm not sure the Earth needed multiple factions to track either, as they were more or less non-entities.

Ein. What a repetitive, uninteresting character. He served a purpose to the plot, but I didn't care about him in the way that his backstory or Gaelio's adoration suggested we should. He became a cool revenge bot in the brainwashed instrument of destruction way, but there was no reason that this couldn't have been Carta (who had a deeper relationship to Gaelio and McGillis).

  1. Best boy so far?

I'm going to give this to Yukinojo aka Old Man. I noticed a lot more of him in the rewatch. He plays the "cool uncle" role perfectly, not trying to father the kids, but looking out for each and every one of them. Other than Atra, he's the only character in the show purely motivated by love for others from beginning to end (never veering into revenge or self interest).

2) How about best girl?

Atra. This character could have been so annoying in her cuteness, but matched with her bravery and commitment to her comrades she was just awesome.

3) Raise Your Flag or Survivor?


4) [Orphans no Namida or Steel: Tekketsu no Kizuna?]

Orphans because it's stuck in my head.

5) Has the show wreaked havoc on your emotions yet?

Because it's quite melodramatic in its emotional tenor, I didn't feel that much in either watching, but I am moved by the purpose behind the story telling.

8) What has been your favorite aspect about the show so far? The characters? The soundtrack? The action? etc.

Characters. In addition to what I've said above, I'll add that Orga and Mika have a textbook codependent relationship. It's kind of gross but it's the engine that drives the show forward.

9) What has been your *least* favorite aspect about the show so far? Are there any concerns you have going into S2?

Political and economic backdrop is overloaded.

10) Did your favorite character survive this season? If they did, do you think they’ll survive the show?

I thought this was a single season show on first watch. I couldn't have imagined them killing Atra or Kudelia in season 1, nor do I think the writers are lazy enough to fridge them in the future.

11) What is your opinion on the series’ mech designs? How do they compare with those of other mech series you’ve seen? Do you have a favorite among them?

I love that everything is heavily armored to protect against bashing and projectile weapons. Those thicc boy Brewer mechs are my fave - Man Rodi. Gundam Gusion was underused and I want to see more of it.

12) Is there anything that you think should have been resolved or addressed this season that wasn’t?

I'm surprised that the head of CGS (Maruba) was brushed off screen never to return. Same with Kudelia's dad and Nobliss. I wish they had cleared away a few more of the lose ends.

13) What do you do at the end of the season? Are you busy? Will you save us?

The "Gunpla" commercials during the Gundaminfo youtube videos make me want to build a HG IBO gunpla.



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I gotta say ive watched every gundam and robotech, Macross series and tons of other mecha series there is outside the minibot fighter thingy. This is tied for dead last. It takes a long time to boot up, the characters arent terribly compelling and the action is kinda average.



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I've been following this rewatch thread for a while now and I guess it's time to give my first contribution: There's actually a good reason why Shino, Lafter, and Azee survived! But I'll elaborate once we reach Season 2. :D