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First Timer

Wallpaper Album

I ended up doing my usual and going way overboard once I got a smooth workflow down so I made a whole bunch from the last three episodes. So there's now nine to pick through, all in 1920x1080 with a slight sharpen, and a few others have some edits just to make them nicer to look at but I noted what they were in the images in case you wanted to avoid those.

I'll probably update it daily if I find anything wallpaper worthy, but as you can probably tell I like my long shots and environments more than characters so don't expect many of those unless you specifically request one. I'll update these after I watch the next episode, not when the post goes up, so just be aware of that.

I think my final note for the episode covers my first point pretty well:

Yeah, I think they need a touch MORE timing..... YOU"RE ENDING IT THERE?! THERE?! Fuck. Anyway what I was saying was I think they need more warning than half a second before an attack Hitomi

But yeah... In that exact moment is where you decide is a good spot to cut everyone off and make us wait a week day? Goddammit, that was not a big enough cliffhanger to justify the actual usage of a cliffhanger!

That aside, another episode with a very different feel to the last two. I'm not as impressed with it today, but I will agree a lot of what they showed made the episode feel necessary. The culture stuff specifically is starting to feel a bit... muddled. Here we have Samurai, english style knights and fortifications, people searching for Atlantis, and our dragonslayers feel rather roman. Thats a lot of cultures in one show and I'm worried how they'll balance it.

Right off the bat: Found the Shoujo part of the show! I knew it wouldn't stay gone for long, and I have to say I'm not fond of the "fall in love because of a kiss" trope, BUT then I went back and rewatched parts of episode one because of the wallpaper hunting. Hitomi has spent the entire episode mistaking Allen (what a weird name for them to pick) for Amano, and it was Amano she wanted her first kiss from when doing the race with him before a certain chicken dragon interrupted. I think in that context it makes it better because it kinda ties into the whole "confused girl in another world latching onto whatever she can to stay sane" sort of thing.

Also.... I may have absolutely got a little lost on the context of this line for a few seconds and thought the guy was saying that Allen would use THEM to pretend to be his lover to get out of trouble


Van is damn lucky that Hitomi happened to be there though to deflect attention from him, otherwise he may very well have died then if the enemy commander took an extra couple of seconds to think why he was being so defensive of the fallen country. She's a bit of an asshole, from beating up her subordinates earlier because they didn't destroy the country efficently enough to the way she just walks around demanding support from other people because she knows they can't deny her. Fuck the commander, she's definitely heading towards hateable.

Allen gets bonus points for having a pet Owl. I want to say its an eastern screech owl but I'm not 100% sure, the features on the owl are pretty common, the marks on the face are seen in most species, its the eye tufts being a light color that makes me inclined to think its a grey Eastern Screech.

In another turn around from the normal state of affairs in these shows though we have Van being told today that he's still not aggressive enough. Normally for these sorts of protagonists its the opposite, being told to slow down and thing and fight more tactically. This time we have a sheer matter of he's not aggressive enough to catch his opponent off guard and its why he keeps getting beaten. I really like the idea of Allen being Balgus' student to perhaps continue to pass on his combat knowledge to Van in a way.

I'm still blown away by the effects and scene transitions they use for all of Hitomi's visions, the reaper coming out of the card today was incredible, along with Van's face breaking through it to wake her up which made me jump. Just perfect.

Random other thoughts

  • The intro to these episodes reminds me of the intro to the Dune mini series episodes. On a bit of a Dune kick at the moment XD

  • Anyone know if the colored characters in the titles mean something specific? Probably a spoiler, but thougt I'd ask

  • Allen's a bit of a dick for correcting the way he addresses Van to NOT call him a king. Gut punch. As in Allen deserves a gut punch for that.

  • The mech battle music today reminded me a bit of the Russian Dervish from Riverdance. Such a wonderful piece of music and I was absolutely biased towards the fight music today because of the association.

  • Floating fortress are always cool as fuck!



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First timer

We're over the halfway point and every episode raises something new about the world, but we haven't been given sufficient answers. It's getting frustrating to watch the introduction of yet another concept that everyone seems to accept. The sequence at the beginning of the episode was not spoken of again. No one inquired what happened to them, no one seemed to find it odd that they both died and came back to life. Neither has Hitomi has not confided in anyone about how fearful and real her visions feel - she just seemed to move on after an episode.

It's strange to see these characters open up to each other, but the significant, life-altering details are never mentioned. For instance, Van is facing the psychological trauma of what's happened previously but keeps pushing forward recklessly - something he would have done at the beginning of the show. Hitomi is the only person who seems to want to talk to him about it, but Allen stops her. It's not simple fear he's feeling - he is now tied to Escaflowne. He knows that if he makes one mistake, the cost of healing may be too much, and he's already been through that trauma. But I have a feeling he really will get through this alone - it's what everyone else has been doing so far.

This comment has been on the negative side for once, but as always, there were things I did enjoy, one of which surprised even myself.

Extra thoughts:

  • Young Allen is far cuter than current Allen. To think he was an arrogant boy who had never been formally trained in swordsmanship.

  • The conversation between Millerna, Hitomi and after a while, Merle was hilarious. This is genuinely the first time I've liked Merle's snark; this was too good not to laugh at. I don't want Hitomi's feelings to get even more complicated, but she hasn't thought about Amano in a while.

  • I don't know who these girls are or where they've come from (well, from Folken I suppose), but they are gorgeous.

  • Merle saving Van is the bravest thing I've seen in this show. If we use this image as a reference to how big the Guymelef's are, a tiny little catgirl stood up to two giants and won.



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Very excited for this rewatch of what is probably my favorite anime of all time. My history with Escaflowne goes all the way back to 2000 where I discovered it via the infamous FOX Kids airing. Escaflowne was many firsts for me; it was the first anime I ever watched in Japanese, and the first anime DVD I ever owned. It was my first exposure to the work of famed people like Shoji Kawamori, Yoko Kanno, Shinichiro Watanabe, Maaya Sakamoto, etc... It was also the first of many animes I ran fansites for back in the 2000's (, which survived until 2008). There's no question in my eyes that I have a nostalgia bias, and yet when I try to think of a show that is clear and unquestionably better, I can't think of one.

This will be the first time I've rewatched the show in over 4 years, and while I'm a grizzled veteran who has seen this show at least 10 times, probably more, this will be the first time I'll be seeing the uncut/director's cut version with the added scenes, the first time I'll be hearing the new dub that Funimation did, and the first time I'll be seeing it on bluray.

Quid's Song of the Day (Part 1)

I've seen "Song of the Day" features in other rewatch threads, and there's no way an Escaflowne rewatch can happen without someone doing the same. I just wonder, as I write this post up the night before, if there are going to be other posters looking to do the same thing, lol. From the legendary, best anime composer of all time, Yoko Kanno (with around 10 songs from her then husband Hajime Mizoguchi too), it still may be my favorite anime soundtrack. Dare I say it, I like it even better than Cowboy Bebop's. Anyway, I'll be seeking to highlight songs that play a notable part within that day's episode, being sure to spread things out appropriately, as while there are some songs that are used numerous times, there are also many that are just used once and hence only have one episode they can go with! Which brings us to today's song, which is only used in this episode.

Empty the Pocket (Poketto wo kara ni shite) - One of many amazing things about Escaflowne are the collaborations with Yoko Kanno and Maaya Sakamoto; this is one of six songs on the soundtrack Sakamoto sings and they would reunite for many songs in later anime such as RahXephon and Wolf's Rain. Unfortunate that we don't get to hear any of that singing in the episode as just the instrumental portion is used, during the scene when Hitomi and Yukari walk home. For some reason I simply couldn't find the original studio version of this on Youtube anywhere but here is a really fun video to watch, a live performance, including Yoko Kanno playing the accordian.

Episode Thoughts

I'm going to take a different tact than what I usually do for rewatches (such as the current one for Iron Blooded Orphans) where I simply write out all my in the moment impressions as I watch the episode and instead take more of an overall look at things. This is for sure a very different type of first episode for a mecha anime. Instead of some teenage boy falling into a cockpit we have a school girl drama! Although that is kinda bound for the territory as Escaflowne is one of the rarest things you'll find in mecha anime, a female main character. The only other mecha show I have ever seen with a female main character is Gunbuster and its sequel (I have heard there are a couple of more out there). Along with the fantasy setting, it is something that really makes Escaflowne different and unique in comparison to most mecha shows out there. The nature of this first episode is built perfectly around this. I've longed for a Gundam show to try out having a female main character for years, and yet my fear is that if it ever happens, they'll just do it as a gimmick. That they'll pull, say a Star Wars and make her a big time Mary Sue, or someone who is for all intents and purposes acting like a male character and is just a female. That is not the case at all with Hitomi, who is a three dimensional character and behaves exactly like a 15 year old girl would. In looking things up, it was interesting to see that this is the only episode of the series that its creator, Shoji Kawamori wrote, although I'm sure he had a hand in guiding the overall storyline.

Beyond the unique structure of this first episode (and the show as a whole) the dragon fight is certainly another highlight of this episode and provides a lot of excitement. Surprisingly enough the show doesn't give us a mecha battle in the first episode (well kinda, we do get a brief glimpse of one in Hitomi's vision), but we do get this dragon fight instead, yet another thing that has got to be quite the rarity for a mecha show. Aura Battler Dunbine is the other big Sunrise mecha show but doesn't include anything like this to my recollection. Game of Thrones made us wait many years for a dragon battle. Escaflowne gives it to us in the first episode!

I was surprised to see that there weren't actually any new scenes in this episode, despite it being the enhanced version. Perhaps they don't start up until later episodes? Also, I gotta say, Hitomi's getting a lot of action in the ending credits! Kissing both Amano and this other blonde guy who shall rename nameless for now.

The Dub

My first impressions for Hitomi's new English voice, Caitlin Glass is that her voice is too deep. Granted, so was Kelly Sheridan in the original dub, in comparison to Maaya Sakamoto. Maaya Sakmoto is pretty much perfection as a seiyuu, so to be fair, whoever they had voice her would be a disappointment. What bugs me all the more about this dub is how many names are mispronounced. Amano, Kanzaki, Yukari, all are mispronounced. Its driving me crazy. On the other hand, Yukari's voice is perfectly fine. Escaflowne Spoilers Amano's is decent. I don't care for Van's either. This is kinda crazy for me to say, and wasn't really my intent going in, but I'm strongly considering going back to the subbed version with episode 2. I'm usually very supportive of dubs, I'm not saying its necessary bad, but I'm just so used to the original voices and so biased towards them that I am strongly thinking of going back. Especially with this being my first time watching the show in many years.

The Disaster that was FOXcaflowne

As if doing the music feature isn't enough, I figured I'd also speak to how Escaflowne fared when it aired on FOX Kids in 2000. A nice way to look back... and hang our heads in shame at what a disaster it was. If only this show got acquired by Cartoon Network instead. Well, the most notable thing about how FOX handled the first episode of Escaflowne is... they didn't even air it! Absolutely brutal. One of the great things about this show? A mecha show with a female main character? Nah, that doesn't fly. Out went the entire thing. And yet, crazily enough, they later went and spliced in parts of the first episode into later episodes as flashbacks, which forced them to cut even more stuff so they'd have the space for it. American anime fans these days are so spoiled; this is what we had to deal with when I was really getting into anime...

Quid's Song of the Day (Part 2)

Escaflowne has so many great songs, I can't really hold myself to one per day (too many will be left out). That would also force me to leave out several great songs on the soundtrack that aren't used in the show but would still be of value to highlight at some point. Anyway, my second song of the day is also a song exclusive to this episode:

I Recommend Instincts Played near the start of the episode when we first meet Hitomi on the track field, this song also has its vocals stripped out in the episode. This one's performed by a singer named Julia Wilson who I don't think I've come across collaborating with Kanno again on any other songs.



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Rewatcher here:

I really love how Escaflowne can only be awakened by giving it the heart of a dragon and the blood of a king. It's a physically imposing machine that really separates itself from the other mechs used by the soldiers of Fanelia. And Dance of Curse really sets the tone for knightly mech's first skirmish - I still get frisson hearing it again after more than a decade.

The enemy Guymelefs on the other hand are weird. Their use of invisibility cloaks and shapeshifting weapons hint at a difference in technologies. But they don't seem to be any better without these advantages, as Balgus proves how a BFS can inflict just as much damage as Van's Escaflowne.

Hitomi on the other hand may be a fish out of the water. But she seemed to take it all well, meeting wolfmen, arguing with a cat girl, and seeing a king and his kingdom. It probably helped that the setting is not completely unfamiliar, especially with Fanelia bearing some semblance with Japanese culture.

The sudden conflict though is another matter. Fanelia was caught off guard, having enjoyed peace for some time now. And Hitomi is only slowly realizing that all of her visions are actually coming to fruition.



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Today, on "Good battery life is a plus!":

Chekhov's Pager.

Just two girls out on a date.

And now, back to the reality of roasted bugs on sticks.

Revenge makes Van the introspective type.

I already made the reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but here we are again.

Alliances are alliances.

Interesting people just keep on showing up, don't they?

"Mimi o sumaseba/Kasuka ni kikoeru darou—hold on, wrong series."

That'll teach you to wink at a thigh.

"You say that now."

He has that effect, eh?


"Message for you, sir!"

This disables the snake.

Of course it's an Energist.

Those complicated genetics sure are convenient.

To think that I can't get good cel reception at work but this thing reaches across time/space/dimensions/fantasyland.

Hitomi's mind is a busy place, going on a farewell date with Allen who's actually Amano because senpai's been paging her from the home country.

Speaking of pagers, convenient, that thing. To think that we've had about thirty years now for mobile technology to make unexpected noises and/or vibrations in public and complicate everyone's lives.

Which are complicated enough. Allen is absolutely fine with leaving Asturia for his life as the leader of a band of musical cutthroats, as the capital is now increasingly crowded by very small Fulbtzs-Berrentzs motherships and assertive blondes. On top of that, maybe stopping a war.

Van may have levelled the playing field quite a bit by apparently destroying the Energist stockpile. Along the way, there's suddenly actual blood as a result of sword hits, which has been mostly lacking so far aside from Dilandau's face. Totally unsurprisingly, the stone on Hitomi's necklace reacts in the same way as the Energists do. Which is also amusing to comment on in the context of this airing 14 years before Macross Frontier.

Creepy mine boss is creepy. Unnecessarily creepy, even, but at least it put some menace into a character other than Dilandau, who's lost some effectiveness lately due to going over the top.

In any case, Allen is back in action, and we'll see if he goes for trying to stop Zaibach or finding Hitomi first.

...oh right, Van has wings. This really shouldn't be surprising considering the flash we saw of Folken and they are brothers, but even so, it moves the business out of the realm of Hitomi's head space. And since she hasn't seen Folken yet, it's quite a shock… and further complicates the who's who of her earlier vision. It's tough when you feel the urge to settle down with an angel?



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> It may seem innocent, but she keeps stealing all that's left of Hitomi's connections to her home, including her pendant. Remember how they got there: Hitomi was abducted by the Geeko-men. Without her stuff. Van surely rushed after her before taking care of her luggage. So the only way all of those things could possibly be at their camp is because Merle brought them along.


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Impressions in order while watching the episode.

  • Narya and Erya are much more slavishly devoted to Folken contrasted to Merle's relationship with Van which is just as loyal, but not subservient.

  • Hitomi's reading from episode 5 is really coming true here. Allen hasn't actually met his father, but he is following in his footsteps and hating and blaming him quite a bit.

  • Interesting stuff with Amano, Yukari, and Hitomi's mother again. Seems to be a bit of a non-sequitur at first.

  • Allen's melef gitting a bit of an upgrade... nice.

  • Isaac, huh? Look familiar?

  • "On the way home from a summer festival..." Well that explains the Kimono and the pinwheel from the episode's opening.

  • Grandma?!

  • Fate alteration? Dilandau is seriously broken. He's an experiment of these Zaibach sorcerors. I love how they say that Dilandau has "become unstable" as if he was ever particularly stable in the first place.

  • Dryden seems to get some serious satisfaction from goading Allen.

  • Hitomi is really perceptive when it comes to other people.

  • I'm gonna go topside to look around... I'm totally not following Hitomi because I'm worried about her being alone with Allen or anything? Van is such a tsundere.



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Short post today, was suuuuper busy.

First-timer, subbed



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I might have already known maboroshi from Fushigi Yuugi, but I definitely got unmei from Escaflowne.

Edit: For why Isaac Newton might have been picked for the character of Dornkirk, see this wiki article.



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first timer

Allen being that visibly ticked is something new

Good thing you guys are flying in the sky


oh so it was the grandmother

you didn't even need any backstory to make the connection that that person was a relation of hitomi's what with the same face and also the cut to the splash at just that right moment

oh wow the moon is on the right of the earth for once

oh is isaac the bbeg what shows up on the tv?

lmao - hitomi always goes perfect form jog, even when she's just doing a quick dash after someone who just left the room

shoujo moment strikes

that cg with the rocks and clouds tho haha

turns out it should've been that other asgard, the page being ripped out just made him mess up

wait she definitely said "aniki" and that was definitely translated as "sister" - is that legal???



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Today's episode was fantastic.

Action packed. Great character moments. The most improbable long jump in anime.

I'm sure everyone will have a lot to say so I'll just post my notes from watching the episode:

  • This episodes picks up right where we left Van yesterday, on the run from Zaibach guymelefs in attempt to lead them away from HitOnMe Hitomi and company.

  • Whelp, looks like his plan worked, but now Dilandau is using him as a punching bag.

  • Folken can still use his bloodline to open Escaflowne.

  • Glad to see Allen is actually willing to TRY Hitomi's idea. We also a pretty interesting scene with Hitomi doing her tarot reading. Looks like she struck a nerve with Allen, but he's at least on-board with her search plan.

  • The two brothers reunite! Folken has a cool sword and what looks to be a robot arm. Cool guy, even with his cholo tear tattoo.

  • THE CREW IS GOING FOR A PRISON BREAK! WE ONE PIECE NOW BOYS! The storming of the fortress is a pretty fun moment, lots of good stuff here.

  • Hitomi jumps.

  • Dilandau hates.

  • Dilandau screams like a little bitch.

  • After some sweet swashbuckling, our crew makes it out of the fortress with Escaflowne and Van in tow. MISSION COMPLETE.

Again, just a great episodes all around. This whole arc could have been 3-4 episodes long, but we're in and out in under 30 minutes. This is how you pace a show!



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First timer

Oh, I like this twist. Hitomi's power works both ways. Is she seeing the future or making the future?

The resolution of Allen & his Dad was good. I don't know how I feel about the whole "power of Atlantis is love" thing but whatever.

Feeling for Van right now, what a terrible position to be in.



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Just a remider to everyone: this show is in my personal all-time top 10 shows in over 40 years of watching anime..

Allen seems to be showing both the good and bad sides of a chivalric knight.

and Van is a standard Hot Blooded shonen hero, who is just in over his head right now.



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First Timer - Subbed

Ep 9 thoughts since I missed posting yesterday:

  • It annoyed me that Millernas' reason for leaving her country was primarily her love for Allen. Escaflowne Spoiler

  • I'm sorry but as beautiful as the angel wings are, little Van flying off into the sky made me think of Birdman

  • Nice to have some backstory to Van's parents although it was sad. So Van would be half Draconian and the mother is lost for now. There is a chance for her to come back I hope. I'm waiting for more history on Draconians since Atlantis came up too and the bad guys have something to do with Atlantis too

Ep 10 thoughts:

  • So Fried is surprisingly full of Buddhist monks. Prince Chid is a cute little boy though

  • Zongi, the Doppelganger reminds me of a mix between Gollum and the species from Avatar. Also this creeps out Dilandau too. Makes you wonder whats so bad that it disgusts Dilandau of all people

  • Millerna tries to make a move on Allen Escaflowne Spoilers

  • Hitomi tries to train Van on seeing the future on his request. Her description for Merle was on point there lol. Hitomi, I wonder if anybody can do it after some practice

  • Of course it works for Van in an actual battle. Probably because this power comes thanks to the energist I'm thinking. I wonder if Hitomi would be accurate without the pendant

  • Avatar dude has successfully caused chaos. Lets see how our MC's handle this now



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A music box with a secret compartment, what is this place, the mansion from Resident Evil?

Sometimes you need to see a harem MC outside of the lead role to see how dangerous they can be. Allen is quite the charmer, whether he likes it or not. Though I wasn't expecting him to be the Prince's father, that's going to cause problems with the incoming attack.



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First-Time Watcher, Dub

This was an interesting episode, in terms of structure and style. There was kind of a cool “campfire-y” to the scenes where everyone was gathering around for the reading of the journal. Like a character telling a crazy ghost story, we kept coming back to see people’s reactions.

And then there’s Allen, with his father as his greatest sore spot, Hitomi trying desperately to help him.

Finally, the montage where we see what all the characters are thinking, what they want to find in the Mystic Valley, what they think the other characters are trying to find there.

I think this might be my favorite episode of the show so far, with how experimental it is in terms of style. Hoping to see more like it in the future.



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I realy adore Allen, just so much.

The whole chivalros pretty boy knight to the rescue thing is so indungent, it makes this show such a joy to watch IMO.

I love his men too, they are rowdy but not thretaning. they are just so much fun to watch.

The "Destiny Prognostication engine" is such a cool word, I like its bladerunner-y design too.

I get why Von is so impatient but he is also kindof a dumbass. Actualy speakig of dumbassery that realy was not the time for a duel as cool as it was.

I like that dispite not being able to pilot a Gymaleth, Hitomi isn't totaly passive in battle we saw her acting as a spotter in episode 2 and here we see her powers developing.

I am curios to see whats up with the badies 2 voices. I didnt get far enough to see what was up wihth that last time.

As for the diferences in dubs: its just like minor phrasing stuff again, i do like that Alan dosen't call her a little girl in the new dub, its small but it feels more respectfull.

I think I like Allens old voice more, same goes for his men I like the sillier voices. Von's new voice channels his understandable rage better.

I think I will be watching the 2001 dub first from now on, the old school charm wins out.



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> Ooh the text is green now. …I keep commenting on the various colors, but the different tarot cards are interesting too. I have zero idea what any of the tarot cards mean though so I can’t tell what any of them mean in tandem with the episode they’re used for. Tarot cards are really interesting and have a lot of symbolism to them. The Major Arcana are what we are seeing here, there are 22 of them. There are also Minor Arcana that are divided into four suites (like regular playing cards) wands/staves, cups, swords, and pentacles. A lot of anime loves to use the cards and especially make cards based on their characters, which can add or emphasize symbolism about them. [Here is the official Gundam Wing tarot cards.]( [Though the most famous example is the X/1999 tarot.]( It is also fun to discuss what characters would represent certain cards too. EDIT: To add to this I found this meaning for today's card: Justice is a Major Arcana Tarot card, numbered either VIII or XI, depending on the deck. This card is used in game playing as well as in divination. Depiction: The figure in the Justice card holds two objects: a scale in one hand as a symbol of balance and a sword in the other to exemplify the preservation of that equilibrium even by means of force. Meaning: The Justice card indicates that the fairest decision will be made. Justice is the sword that cuts through a situation, and will not be swayed by outer beauty when deciding what is fair and just. Upright card (keywords): Fairness, Justice, Cause and effect, Balance and equilibrium, Responsibility Reversed card (keywords): Lack of accountability, Unfair treatment, Dishonesty, Legal flaws, Imbalance Element: Air Ruling planet: Venus


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Middle of the episode. Meh all these elites dying and I'm not a fan or mechs as it is.

End of episode. HOLY SHIT Balgus Whyyyyyy you were too badass too die this soon.... No he had to die or else the journey would be too easy. I hope we get more unconventional fights like mech vs animal or human. Don't need it every episode, but it will be a nice change of pace. I have high hopes that the cat girl becomes badass. It takes me a while to learn names .

Though I do like the look of the mech and when he put the stone inside the jelly like heart and it begins beating.



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Well... boy was I glad to find out about this Re: Watch.

Escaflowne is one of my favorite anime of all time. I haven't watch it in years so this first episode fell brand new to me.

I loved the look of Van with the full kitted armor. And the CGI for the dragon was surprisingly tasteful for an anime before 2000.

I think what makes this anime special is the combination of an isekai shoujo heroine in Hitomi, and a shonen fantasy mecha hero in Van.

Hitomi is one of my favorite female characters because I find her personality so believable.

I forgot how Amano-senpai looks exactly like a character we will meet very soon. Was this foreshadowing or just a quirk of the art style? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

I am super exited for this rewatch. I hope everyone has a great time with this series!



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The animation sequence of Escaflowne's mechanisms was amazing. So much detail.


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Oh man, I didn't realize there was a rewatch going on. Must have missed the interest thread, but I just finished the series for the first time yesterday and it would have been cool to watch it with you guys. :(

I'll try to join in for the series discussion, because man was that an interesting show.



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> Today, on ["ISAMU ISAMU ISAMU ISAMU ISAMU"]( I laughed way too hard at this.


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First timer:

This is my first comment on this rewatch and I'm a bit further ahead from this episode because this anime is annoyingly addictive for something so old, but the rewatch was what convinced me to finally watch it so I wanted to give my thoughts!

One of the first scenes is Hitomi swooning. I don't particularly like how her crush on Allen is mainly due to her feelings for Amano, but damn if I can blame her when he's so annoyingly smooth and lol at her hitting her head, I repeated that scene twice.

Are passive aggressive comments just a thing in this country? First Allen and his subtle patronizing comments, then this princess and her snide remarks and even her father with his insincere round about ways. Merle may be rude as well, but at least she makes no pretense about it.

Meanwhile Van goes to confront his brother, who seems to want him to join him. Of course Van isn't going to listen to him, especially because the people he's working for razed his home not to mention the sneak attack this episode even if that was more Dilandu's fault than his. Hitomi to the rescue though, she didn't put that track and field experience to waste, and she seems to be getting better with her visions, that's good at least. Her and Van have this weird sort of "I'll save you" vibe going on with them which is pretty good for relationship building 👌😉, looking forward to seeing how it would grow.

Also regarding the episode's final scene, I mentioned it before that I didn't like how insincere the king is, and I definitely don't. Putting Van at risk to 'scope merchandise', treating Allen's warning as a joke even though he's obviously aware that shady shit is going on, I'm going to have a mighty fine laugh when all of this blows up in his face



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Would I like this show if I generally don’t prefer mech shows? I really loved code geass despite there being lots of mechs (even kinda got into those certain ones) but shows like gundam and even neon genisis I didn’t like. This show seems more interesting though like code geass



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I'm so happy this show is getting a rewatch; it was one of the first anime i ever saw.



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Are we actually doing a rewatch of Escaflowne? Because I love Escaflowne.



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The bath scene is my favorite part. Everyone is watching the extended cuts right?



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I’ve been wondering that those bird cages don’t come with toilets



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Such a simpler time when a truck wasn't necessary to get to the other world.



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> The Disaster that was FOXcaflowne I just noticed this rewatch was a thing, so I'm just visiting, but this was a guilty pleasure. The goofy 90s dub repeating a word over and over theme and everything. Looking back at it, it was a shitshow and as a kid, it was my first realization that subs and dubs were different. Hearing Yakusoku wa Iranai instead of ES-CA-FLOW-NE to weird techno music was an eye opener as it was the first DVD of an anime series I ever got. Once my kid brain got over the initial shock of the changes, I was quite pleased and kinda felt more grown up, cause even as a kid, I was a weeb. But still, glad that it was my first DVD series. Have fun watching, uh, girls and fantasy mecha. I'm going back to my Gundam rewatches where I live.


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Rewatcher; I'm enjoying reading the first timers' reactions. It's difficult to stay at a pace of one a day. What a gorgeous series!



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wow. Everyone, you see nostalgic anime.

In Episode 2, I remember being surprised by mechanical animation and Epic music.



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Is it too late to catch up with this? 😭



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My fellow non-haphazard-10-giver and Monster-10-rater. ( I gave Escaflowne a 9, Monster and LOGH are my 10s) I had no intention of watching Escaflowne anytime soon but now I have to.


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This anime has 2 dubs,one by Bandai/ocean and another more recent 2016 one by funimation that got released by funimation.