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I, uh, don’t really have much to add outside the Kanna Corner today. I think all my screenshots were of Kanna, so I’ll just quickly move on...

The Kanna Corner

Mistah Count

Episode number 8 9 10 11 12 Love Story
"Mistah" count 8* 0 2

*this episode also contained 1 unheard over the phone Mistah.

Bit of a weird one today. Over the past 10 days I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions how perceptive Kanna can be; she always seems to be absolutely on top of everything going on, is always there to lend a hand, and will go to any length to help her friends. I won’t be doing that this episode.

This episode we see a more vulnerable Midori than we’ve ever seen before; the pressure of undertaking increasingly difficult tasks is really getting to her, and she desperately needs help. Unfortunately for her - help isn’t on the way - at least not initially. No one can see just how much events are affecting Midori, not even the ultra perceptive Kanna.

Now obviously this isn’t wholly true. Tamako and Kanna do realise there’s something on Midori’s mind, and that it is having a negative impact on Midori. What they don’t quite realise is the severity of the stress she’s under, initially being seen joking around about the whole thing. They’ve both got so much trust and confidence in Midori that it’s clouding both their judgements, and so they choose to dismiss the situations as something it’d be better for Midori to work through on her own. It’s not until Shiori informs them of what she knows they realise just how dire the situation is.

But when they do realise, oh boy, we’re in “Top 10 Anime Redemption Arcs” territory. Here we get a great example of Kanna’s skills in action. Whilst visiting a very ill Midori, Kanna isn’t distracted by pleasantries and instead immediately starts working to help her friend. Knowing Midori is unlikely to just admit she’s struggling, she uses that incredible perception I’ve spoken about previously to spot the irrefutable evidence of her stress, practically forcing Midori to reveal all. Obviously this is not a strategy that would work for everyone, cornering people when they’re down isn’t usually the best idea. Hell, even in this scenario Midori has a pretty violent reaction to being cornered, much to Kanna’s surprise. But Kanna is one of Midori’s best friends, she knows her better than anyone else, and has tailored her strategy for Midori. The short term pain caused to her friend is immediately counterbalanced by the relief given when Midori does finally “come out” to her friends, relieving herself of all the built up stress from days of worrying about the club’s routine. She caps all this off with some of the best advice you’ll ever hear: relying on your friends is a strength, not a weakness.

By having Kanna show weakness, whilst simultaneously reinforcing just how wonderful a person she is, this episode ends up being one of the best in terms of Kanna Content™. It combines all the best Kanna from previous episode to make an all round lovely experience for any Kanna fan. I’d honestly be happy for this to be the last Kanna Corner analysis section, because it’s such a great conclusion to Kanna’s “arc”, but I shall endeavor to finish my commitment by continuing through until the end, because Kanna is lovely and she deserves it. Also because I just really enjoy talking about Kanna.

On a completely and totally unrelated note: Kanna is bloody adorable and I love her.



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I'm surprised at how much I'm liking this show on a rewatch.

As much as I love the movie, I remember finding TM 'just' good.

However, with these first three episodes I have found to be absolutely great!

I want to bring attention to the flower language. It's no secret that Naoko Yamada has a lot of love for using the Language of Flowers, and it is painfully obvious in this episode.

At the end of the episode we get to see the flower once more with Dera elequently repeating the coffee guy that 'Words are sometimes difficult'. Or "Kotoba (words) ha totemo mezukashii", while on the table we see that Tamako got herself a book on flowers, and it is even open on the page of that specific flower. Flower Language in Japanese is Hanakotoba (Flower Word), and I feel like Dera saying the word 'Kotoba' just as we see a book on 'Hanakotoba' is like the director shouting "go look it up!"

So, what flower is it? It is a Hibiscus (it literally says that on the page - ハイビース means Haibisu). In terms of flower language it symbolises gentleness. It is given in honor of visitors and represents the friendly customs of the Japanese.

I think it symbolizes both Shiori's gentleness, as well as the Market being incredibly hospitable of its guests, as we see of both Shiori and their teacher.



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First Timer

Tamako time yet again!

  • Oh no, it's dead mom! Who's her VA? Cool, it's Mio from K-ON/Diana from Little Witch Academia! Dead parent stuff (or I guess dead spouse stuff) makes me emotional really easily when it's done well, but when it's just used as backstory and not much else, not so much. Interested to see which route this show takes. The fact that there's a flashback to her mom at all this early is a good sign.

  • I totally thought that was supposed to be young Tamako instead of Anko. Forgot that her mom died only a few years ago. Wonder why they had her dressing up with everyone from the shopping district there. Anko episode maybe?

  • No comment.

  • Why hello there, nondescript KyoAni love interest! Déjà vu.

  • If you're going to give him clothing, please give him some that covers his butthole.

  • Aw yis


  • Ha ha ha ha, the show addresses my earlier concern.

  • Shit, Anko's been channeling my spirit this whole series. First she complains about the bird, then she points out the silliness of the cup walkie-talkies, and now she's also incredulous that Tamako could be this dense.

  • I spy a comment face!

  • Midori being excluded, as is tradition. I know that she has responsibilities for the festival and the other two girls don't, and I know that she exists in direct opposition to The Ship, but I'm starting to feel a bit bad for her.

  • Don't you dare, show. Don't you fucking dare.

  • Wait, what? What even was your plan, dude? Was your plan "carry the shrine and hope Tamako joins in without asking her about it"? Tell me you had a plan. We're not going to make it through to Tamako Love Story if you aren't capable of formulating some sort of plan

  • Same. That bait and switch worked on me, though I dunno if it was really necessary.

  • So I looked up the voice actress for glasses kid - it's Sleepy-senpai from Hibike, and those two roles are literally the only ones she's ever done. Interesting.

    Pretty solid episode. Makes me wonder if we're going to be spending an episode each on some minor characters before focusing on the more major ones.

    premise for Tamako Love Story

    Damn, that next episode preview title 👀👀👀



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First Timer

The finale was a very nice way to wrap up the “conflict” with the marriage thing and cement Tamako’s feelings on the market. I’m glad they left an opening for Choi and Metcha to make another appearance. I wanna find out who the real bride will be and considering Choi held her hand on the spot where Tamako’s “bride eligibility” mole was when she got into the car, might be a good clue.

Overall Tamako Market was nothing but fun. I’m very confident giving it an 8/10, maybe a 9 once I mull it over a little. Not a single character out of the huge cast felt unnecessary or out of place. Every one of the market friends had their own little quirks as individuals, but you could also tell that they had many similarities being so connected with each other. The main group of girls and Mochizou were all really endearing. I’m really looking forward to Tamako Love Story expanding on Tamako and Mochizou’s relationship. But I’m a little worried because we haven’t seen the #brokenkokoro comment face yet. Just hope I have enough time after work tomorrow to watch it and make it in time for the thread.

Anyway, this show made me want to move to a place with a happy-go-lucky market like this one. But I imagine that would be very hard to find.

Edit: Alright so I literally just found out about some shit going on with my parents (It won't affect me too much since I don't live with them but I still gotta deal with it a little), so it might be impossible for me to make the discussion tomorrow unfortunately. Just wanted to give a heads up in case I disappear tomorrow. I was really looking forward to it, so I might be able to watch the thing and give a quick overall thoughts if all goes well.



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> Midori gets attacked by bears Everybody does some sort of strange stretching "exercises" when stressed, sometimes? I don't have a bear but the rest is really familiar. > This episode really makes me want to see a sequel/spin-off that focuses more on the Baton Club, like a Tamako Market but K-On! (insert Yamada joke here). I'm pretty curious about the other members like Kisaragi-senpai and the two freshmen. I want spin-offs about everyone, the main group of friends (Kanna, Midori, Shiori), other market people, their friends, distant relatives,… > Kisaragi is eating the Pocky like how Yui did in K-On!! There are only two ways of eating Pocky, either that one (turbo nibbling) or you take big bites but the first one just feels like you get to eat more of it as it doesn't disappear in three bites. Also if you bite off a big piece and it turns a bit strangely it can spike the roof of your mouth (nobody wants that). Nibbling is the natural reaction to that. > > x < That's another of those stupid normal things that just sometimes happen. It's not some big injury just a surprise and a bump. They tend include those in natural ways too. > I'm sure most, if not all of us have been there before. You take up a position – usually a leadership role – and you're excited about it, but quickly find out it's not as easy as you might have thought. It's also not like you can just ask for help either since you don't want to show signs of weakness or anxiety about it. And the anxiety, panic, worries (whatever it is in each case) ends up pushing you towards making bad decision. Instead of coming out with the bad news you end up delaying and ignoring problems. Then nothing gets solved and the negative feeling just pile up making it now even harder to ask for help. > As a moderator of some decently-sized subreddits and Discord servers… Yeah, that's not for me. If it were a paid community management thing then maybe. But spending all that time on moderating and managing communities and only piling up that feeling of increasing responsibility… oof. Whatever you do, somebody will be pissed at you for doing something *wrong* and not according to their interpretation of the rules. Some people think moderators do it for the attention or fame (really?) but for the most part I have just huge amounts of respect for people who can do it and are willing to spend that amount of time doing free support for a community. It's hard work, especially when unpaid. > In Midori's case, she might be the Club President and enjoy her title, but when she starts experiencing some roadblocks in not being able to get certain tasks done, the dreaded unease begins to set in. Even then, she still tries to hide it from everyone else. In the first Midori (Valentine's) episode we get the impression that she's popular in the whole school and that probably got her the position (and she's probably actually good at it) when everybody trusts her and voted for her to be president. That type of expectations to always do well can create additional self-imposed pressure.


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Pretty sure the senpai is just there to check up on them since she is a third year and of course in Japan that means drop everything for testing. At least that is what anime taught me. She just doesn't participate anymore so Midori is the new captain, but she still wants to check up on her kouhai.


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> THAT'S TAMAKO'S DAD. THAT'S TAMAKO'S MOM! MY HEART AAAAAA > She even makes the same face Tamako makes when she's nervous. I'm dying. Tamako takes after Hinako in so many ways and it's really sweet and.... I'll be writing about it a lot in the Love Story thread. > Well, I didn't think I would be crying at Tamako Market today, but here we are. This was my reaction when I first watched this episode. I relate to this aspect of the series so much and when I finished it I was sooo amazed that a series tackled an issue like parental loss in a way that's not dramatic or heartwrenching, but wholesome and hopeful, like it brings people together. It hurt my heart but it helped me so much. > and more baffled than ever about Tamako Market's lukewarm reception. same


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Tonight: Dera opens a door, Dera opens another door, and Tamako sneezes!

  • Somebody get these bodyguards in the NBA.
  • When you're an absolute unit and your friend is in awe at your size but he doesn't recognize you
  • Poor Mochizou.
  • Between Dera in Episode 1 and now Mechya, the royal family really needs to work on taking smaller bites when eating mochi.
  • Poor guy's got bags under his eyes. Can't blame him; must have had some long-ass nights.
  • The bodyguards are enjoying themselves.
  • And the streets are quiet. Just like on that day. When the camera pans to Tamako's feet, it briefly cuts to a slightly grayer tone with different shoes, also alluding to that day — I assume all of us know where they're going with this. Even if the circumstances now aren't as tragic, it's a strong feeling of déjà vu for her. I feel especially bad for Midori here, going from watching her best friend lose her mom to worrying about losing her best friend entirely.
  • Even in a time like this, you can always count on your friends. Hell, this whole show has been about the importance of community, especially for Tamako. This is more than just some shopping district, this has been her home her entire life. Even without her mother, everyone around her is like family to her, so she never feels lonely. It really reminds me of the Andy Grammer song "Back Home" and celebrating your roots.
  • When you technically have a better shot at Tamako than the prince himself (mostly since he intentionally jumped in front of her sneeze, but still)
  • Thank you, Mechya, for defusing everything.
  • Comfy guards
  • With all the talk about royalty typically having a birthmark on their neck, I think we can infer what Choi rubbing her collar is hinting at.
  • And just like that, the Southern Island arc comes to an end...
  • ... Leave it to Dera to stick around anyway. He's basically become a part of the family now.
  • Prepare for trouble! And make it double!
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh spin-off looks good
  • In Episode 9, Yuzuki said his family orders mochi from Tamaya every new year and he intends to visit to pick them up himself. I like to imagine one of the orders Anko is handling in the montage is his.
  • For some reason, Dera bidding his farewell hurts more than I remember. I know he isn't the most popular character, but I personally loved him and his antics. He might be gluttonous as hell when it comes to mochi and mostly comic relief, yet he really is a bro. I've mentioned numerous times how he's a literal wingman for the gang, and he's the one who especially knows how Tamako feels about this whole marriage ordeal and stands up for her in the end. Boisterous and sometimes snobby? Sure. A class act? Oh yeah.
  • Midori looking extra cute with the yukata. The hibiscus is a nice touch as well.
  • Unlike Episode 1, Mochizou's finally able to deliver the birthday gift! Even if it's... yeah.
  • :(

And just like that, another show comes to an end (outside of Love Story, of course). I liked Tamako Market when I first watched it, but joining this rewatch with everyone, seeing the comments, and watching it again has given me a newfound appreciation for it. Besides Tamako continuing to be cute as hell, I enjoyed the rest of the characters a lot more than I did in the past.

I imagine this new love might be a byproduct of writing these comments for this rewatch. When I write about something, whether it be an article or a long-form comment like this, I try to dig a little deeper than I otherwise would. The more I go deeper into the show's surface, the more I realize just how well-produced it really is than I initially thought. It helped make K-On! my favorite anime of all time, and it certainly helped gain Tamako Market a lot more traction on my list. It's been a very solid 8/10, but part of me really wants to bump it up.

There are a bunch of things you can take away from this: community, family, love, and change. By change, there is so much that gets discussed throughout the show, from just shaking things up vs. tradition like the Mochi Shop Wars to finding happiness after a major change like losing a mother or your kid potentially leaving home.

What I love the most about Tamako Market is how well it handles the familial aspect of life, and it goes beyond just the Kitashirakawa family. Like I said above, the entire shopping district is like one big family, with great characters everywhere.

I'm excited to wrap things up with the movie.

Discussion Question: What are you looking forward to in Tamako Love Story?




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Here it is, episode 9, where we finally are introduced to Tamako's mother. The opening shot is what I've oft-described as "How to tell a Love Story in 77 Seconds", because man, is it gorgeous.

This was the write-up I had for our first ever rewatch, you can find the link here!

This episode was the turning point for me, taking this show from something I enjoyed to something, well, I loved, and it really put the entire franchise into a beautiful, wonderful light.

On a different note, I apologize for not getting to people's comments, BUT I WILL BE DOING THAT TODAY. I'll also be posting a comment tomorrow with everyone's entries so far throughout the rewatch for the giveaway, so be sure to be on the lookout for that!




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First Tama

Ya know, I should be doing my homework, but I’m pretty glad I delayed that to see this.

Seems like shit just hit the figurative fan in Tamako Market. Word spread quick about Tamako being the alleged princess, and everyone is starting to treat Tamako differently. Tamako clearly dislikes it, and overall doesn’t seem to be very fond of the idea of being married off to some dude she’s never met. I like how the episode was framed, and how, despite being a Tamako episode, we never see her alone, never see her inner, true thoughts, until the very end, when she returns the string cup to Mochizou, and breaks down about the circumstances. Tamako seems to think that everyone wants her gone, and pouts about it until Anko comes in to save the day. After Anko asks Tamako to sleep with her like they did when they were kids, I think Tamako realizes that it isn’t that the market wants to ship her off, but they want to support her in spite of the fact that she has to leave. This isn’t the end of the character arc however, otherwise it would be quite incomplete. I think TM 12 will cover more about this, and round off her development before the movie.

The final scene, where the Prince shows up in Japan, is one of the few “oh shit” moments this show has put me in. Like, I audibly exclaimed “what the fuck” when he showed up. Cannot wait to see how they resolve all this next episode.

Final thing I want to talk about is the ED, it’s honestly one of my new favorite EDs at this point. The OP is so-so, fun, but nothing outstanding IMO. The ED, however, has great visuals, hair down Tamako, a much more appealing song, and is just spectacular. EDs are a hard thing to make, and making a list of favorite EDs is just as difficult as making a list of favorite OPs, but for a different reason: whereas OPs are all very unique, and it’s difficult to compare two against each other for that reason, EDs have the issue of being so similar, regardless of show, that having one that stands out is a rare thing. The only EDs I can talk about fondly (Real Folk Blues, Let It Out, and Minna no Piisu) have some standout characteristic about them that makes them memorable. Real Folk Blues, besides the trademark Cowboy Bebop jazz, fits really well with any episode it followed, be it the goofy Mushroom Samba or the intense Ballad of Fallen Angels. Let It Out was the ED when Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood started to really ramp up in intensity, when it broke away from what 03 had covered and started to delve into the hard shit, and the soothing music and visuals made us feel like any issues presented in the episodes would be solved, and our characters would end up fine in the end. And Minna no Piisu was the ED when Gurren Lagann vaulted from a great mecha show to an all time classic shounen growing up story, and the visuals of Simon and Boota’s silhouettes against galaxy imagery, making it feel like they were larger than even the biggest cosmos, makes us believe their legends would be passed on for generations. All 3 of these EDs are striking in a fashion, make you remember them and appreciate them, but most importantly, hold up just as well as any old OP under further scrutiny, something many EDs cannot say. Tamako Market, despite being such a different show from all of these, may still take its place in my favorite EDs, for what beautiful direction it holds, and how melancholic it is overall.

Good episode today, sorry I went off on such a tangent about EDs, but I really do love this one, and wanted to express it before the rewatch was over. Interested to see what happens tomorrow to finish us off before the movie, but I don’t think in the slightest KyoAni will screw the pooch on this one.



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Step aside Mochizou, Dera is best boy! I swear I love this dumb bird more and more every episode.

I can't believe it took me this long to watch this show, I had never even heard of it before this rewatch.

Alsoooo, my hand slipped and I watched the rest of it today.

oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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> She’s lucky it was Tamako Everyone needs a friend like Tamako when they move somewhere new, I swear it's such a lifesaver. I'm like Shiori and usually keep to myself lol. > They probably both felt a little intimidated by each other and got all flustered when the middleman (Tamako) left them alone. People can be so awkward with each other when the mutual friend (well, daughter/student in this case) leaves, huh.


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Ayyyy it's Choi! The character that gets mad if we post untagged spoilers! I'm glad she's sticking around, it's good to have someone to call Dera on his shenanigans and him actually respond accordingly. Usually adding characters makes things worse, but Tamako Market spaces it out just right and makes them shift the dynamic just enough to not get annoying.

I...don't really have any wedding memories? My sister's wedding was pretty standard, and my brother's wedding was fun but I didn't do anything particularly big during it. I mean it was great to see them be married and see how happy they were, but I feel that's the kind of memory everyone who's been to a wedding would have, so I feel that's a standard answer.



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Each episode of Tamako Market takes place in a different month, so obviously April has to be the month of the MAXIMUM DAUGHTERU festival.

...What's that? The festival wasn't about Anko?



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First timer:

Warning: I suck at names so I will refer to characters with names I see fit.

Fat bird-kun is fat like always so that's nothing new

Oh hey fat bird-kun fell onto silent-san's… whatever that is

Public speaking stiffness strikes again!

The slight blush while the three girls have fun has put me over the edge, call an ambulance.

Yeah, you've been waiting there haven't you

dammit KyoAni! Your animation is too good!!

fat bird-kun strikes again!

these are the expressions KyoAni nails! I love it!!!

Tamako with glasses… yes, I love it.

poor Fat Bird-kun

dammit Engineer-chan

aww! She's having reciting it over and over to thank Tamako!

she's adorable! So quiet but so caring!!

and I've paused four times in the last minute due to her, is it to early to say who's best girl?

The market people are very friendly, if this wasn't a kyoani SOL I'd be suspicious

too real

poor Fat Bird-kun

adorable is all I have to say

poor Fat Bird-kun

Loving the OP and ED! KyoAni never fails to make me happy!

Edit: took me way to long, but finally organized images

Edit 2: and I forgot to edit out "img 15" great job me



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First Timer

Wait is Dera a cyborg, he can’t be full robot because he ate and got fat. Magic might be confirmed too because of fortune telling. The show is suggesting that Tamako is the prince’s bride, but probably not because we got more season and another series to go.


I remember a cool big harp at my dad’s second wedding, my wedding memory is crap



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First Time Watcher

Oh I see how it is. Making the dark-skinned girl do the house chores. That's racist.

Choi so friggen adorable tho. 23 minutes not nearly long enough. I'm going to need like at least five seasons of just her being adorable mmk? Why don't we have more reaction faces with her?

Aaaand Tamako is the princess bride they've been searching for, surprising no one.



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First Timer

So, clearly, the Nichijou director took over for the first half of this episode, right?

Honestly, without the TL notes on the names, I would have been completely lost this episode.

Of course Mochizou was born on Mochi Day.

Just like we thought, Dera was sucking in his gut.

Anko is just too precious.

But, why the umbrella?



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Watching Shiori overcome her anxiety and shyness by the end of the episode was so endearing, glad to have her as a new member of the group. And as for Kanna, if they don't find you handsome they might as well find you handy (though she is charming in her own way).
edit: Shiori***(don't know how I missed that)



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This will always be my all time favourite episode of Tamako Market. The song and the ending alone are something I rewatch every couple month and I still get a bit teary each time I watch it.

Just fantastic.



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This episode was sweet. I really felt for Tomio, that type of love is so painful but he was so lovely about it. Choi is also a force to be reckon with and I hope she gets Dera back into shape lol. I'm excited to find out what happens with everyone in the next couple of episodes, this has been a nice experience.

DQ: My grandparents renewed their vows after being married for over 50 years, and it was nice for them to have a fancy wedding since they weren't able to when they were younger.



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Man I feel you Shiori, communicating is tough. I'm happy she was able to make a friend Tamako. It's hard to supress the urge to binge this. I don't even care what happens, you just can't get enough of it.



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[i'd say they're pretty present but not super in your face]( a lot of people didn't catch this on first watch, including me. [there's this exchange when they're talking about valentine's chocolates]( with midori's expectant expression, [and she's looking at tamako here](


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  • Tamako and Kanna giving each other the thumbs up >w<
  • What a cute introduction by Tamako!!
  • Really loving the atmosphere of the shopping district!
  • I just wanted to mention I really love Hiroguchi Yukiko's work on her character design! Everything she does I see K-On! in it! It's candies to the eyes!!
  • I have to say, I have absolutely no memory of Shiori from my first time watching. I just wanna give her a push so she can over come her shyness >w< Ganbare!!!!
  • Yay Dela finally did something right asking Shiori to thank Tamako herself :D
  • Dela showing off his feather to Shiori like she would be interested haha.
  • Shiori did it!!!!
  • I just realized Dela looks like a freaking egg now haha
  • "It's not like I play badminton because I love feathers" oooooffff

Discussion Question: Tamako!! Though I really like Kanna too! Tamako just reminds me of Yui from K-On! so much! Also her voice actress is doing fantastic with her voice!!



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Holy shit this is a thing? I just finished this show an hour ago lol.



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And CHOI has arrived! I remember when I first watched this I scolded Dera in my head. How could he lie ?? But I absolutely love how Choi puts him in his place 😂

Lmao PEACH 🍑

Honestly, when Sayuri wanted to know her compatibility, I was hoping it would be a about Mr. Afro because he’s so adorable! But then I was happy and sad.

Mochizou is a gem and he is so pure. Must protect.

Also, Tamako can’t go away!! What about Mochizouuuuuuuuuu



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Midori is a precious girl and deserves a hug as she tries her best!



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First timer who has been lurking. Felt that I had to chime in because this episode was so damn delightful. I've really enjoyed episodes where Anko gets a some focus. She's adorable and I really enjoy watching her work through things.

The real strength of the episode is obviously the story of the parent's courtship. I was not expecting to get teary eyed over this show. Their story really worked for me though and I love how it was presented. I really wish there would be more but I don't think that will be happening.



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It's nice being reminded what a great show this is! The visuals and character interactions are really strong. I almost forgot how great of a charcater Tamako is!

I'm once again hooked and want to rewatch it all right now! But I can't ruin the fun. It will be nice to have this show be a nightly treat before bed everyday for a bit.



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>Outside a minor appearance towards the start of the episode - there is a severe lack of Kanna in today’s episode. Given the previous episode and the next episode, Kanna does need some time to relax. :D


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First Timer

Yuri Baiting and KyoAni. Name a more iconic duo.

Jokes aside, another great episode. Tamako is such a cute character, and the whole family aspect of the market makes the show endearing. The episodes already feel way too short, what with the great voice acting and proper portrayal of character mannerisms. Top tier animation once again.

Looking forward to the next episode!



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Reading this actually made me teary-eyed, I thank you for your daily input and look forward to it.


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I completely missed the rewatch thread yesterday but to those in new people in the rewatch! Hope you are liking it so far!

This was Naoko Yamada's sophomore directorial effort, and I think has aspects of K-On but she is definitely trying new things with this series. The series is super cute and has that comfy aspect to it that sorta grew on me over time. Also Tamako is I think one of the cutest MCs ever.



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First timer:

Man how does this show only have a 7.3 on MAL? It is such an excellent and enjoyable show.



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Honestly the movie saved this anime for me. Wasn't a fan of the series before it because of the strange progression, but the movie nailed explaining it all.


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I always appreciate your dedication to welcoming newcomers to the rewatch. Just in case you were unaware, the version of Koi No Uta you posted is the version from the movie opening, not from today's episode 9. All 3 versions are really fantastic, but I just wanted to note this for anyone confused as to why that video is different from what they just heard in the episode. [Here's the one from this episode!]( [](#kannathumbs)


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Interesting thoughts on the flower. I can't say I've ever really thought about the meaning of the flowers much even though I know Yamada loves flower language so this was interesting. I can actually see the meaning of the tuberose as "dangerous pleasure and voluptuousness" carrying meaning here too. I think it represents Tamako's attachment to the market, for her it represents a comfort and love that pretty much consists her entire world. With the potential of Tamako being a princess at the end of the episode, it's implied by the shop owners later on that her attachment is holding back Tamako from achieving truly great things and that she might want to leave and spread her wings to bigger and better things. Hell, getting attached to such comfort has made a certain bird quite voluptuous, just like how a love of mochi prevents Dera from flying far from the market, maybe Tamako is similar in a way. In that way, the market and the flower (also symbolic of her grief for her mother and perhaps also her familiar, comforting smell) could be considered dangerous. Could also be a stretch but Yamada is my queen so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, lol. I love this episode, it and the previous one are really special.


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Can you join every rewatch ever and do the Top Gear intro every time? Because it legitimately makes the whole thing more exciting scrolling through the threads looking for your comment!


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First time rewatch

Way back last year, towards the end of January, when I search for anime through Google, Tamako Market always shows up in the 'People also search for' part. I just kept on ignoring it since my thoughts about it were "What are they gonna do? Sell fish and vegetables all day? That's it?".

Then around the second week of February, I noticed that there is always an episode discussion for the rewatch, but the first one that I checked out was the one for Episode 9. One of the first few links that I browsed led to the opening scene of the episode, and after seeing that, my thoughts were "That was good. That was just 77 seconds, but it leaves a lasting impression." So after seeing that part, I just went ahead and started watching from Episode 1 and onwards.

For a show that I initially dismissed, let me tell you this: I loved it when I finished it last tear. Now that I'm rewatching it, I love it even more. It went from a rating of 'Good Stuff' to 'The Best Around'. Tamako Market will always hold a special place in my heart because it was among the first few Slice of Life shows that I watched and also because after 1 year and 1 month of watching anime regularly, it's still one of the best shows that I have seen.

Now then, here are some things that I would always remember from this show:

  1. Dera using 'Watashi' when addressing himself (back then, I didn't know that it could be used as a formal way when referring to one's self, regardless of gender).

  2. Tamako and Mochizo's stage-fright faces from Episode 2 - Here's Tamako and here's Mochizo

  3. How to tell a love story in 77 seconds

  4. youcantspoilerlove.jpeg (This one is for the movie though, if you haven't seen it yet, hold off for now)

Thanks to Fate and everyone who participates in rewatches like this. Without you guys, I would've just swept this show under the rug. Really glad that this wonderful show is yet again discovered by more people. P.S. Guys, I borrowed your links for the screenshots and streamable video, hope you don't mind.

Discussion Question: What are you looking forward to in Tamako Love Story?

Will skip on this question to avoid spoilers, but here's my answer to the one from Episode 9 since I didn't make it in time for that one

Discussion Question: What is YOUR favorite love song?

Cameo Lover by Kimbra, this was released during 2011 but still manages to hold up to this day.