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Yorokobe, Yuki Suetsugu isn't as sadistic as many first timers thought she is.

There is no today, only .

Chihaya beats Rion, so it has to be a Taichi episode. For the girl who played her heart out--no, for himself--he wants to win. Sitting across from Emuro, a reminder of Arata and everything that he's not, Taichi tries to change. He sends all the poems representing stagnation and pulls the game to a luck of the draw situation. Nishida also manages the same and Taichi initiates a dialogue with his teammate, telling him to synchronize their cards. Just earlier this season, Taichi was unable to raise his voice when Hokuo pulled this off against Mizusawa, but he has learned and grown from that time--he has changed.

The remaining two poems are Poem 46, for Taichi and Mizusawa have, and Poem 55, for Emuro and Fujisaki. Given that the episode title is "I Do Not Know Where This Love Will Take Me", one can only guess the logical conclusion. In that way, there shouldn't be that much tension, but that is anything but the truth. For Emuro and Fujisaki, the poem represents the heritage of their school--but the waterfall drying up spells the end of Fujisaki's five consecutive national titles. For Mizusawa, the poem represents the journey that they've been through, starting at the bottom and standing atop the winners' podium.

But it means the most for Taichi. Since the beginning of the series, he's been following after Arata in karuta and Chihaya in real life. Originally, it was just a matter of being close to the people he cared about, but karuta became something that he didn't expect--a place for him to discover himself. Winning against Emuro, representative of the Class A that eludes Taichi, and fulfilling Chihaya's dreams shows that Taichi has conquered his own falliablilities and placed his first real "intent" in the Chihaya sweepstakes. He didn't know where this love would take him, but he's finally become "someone that won't run away".

To end the episode, Chihaya looks for Arata. As she does, she remembers where she started from and the journey to where she is now. She sees Arata outside and, still upset that he brushed aside team karuta, she cries and tells him that she's made it, she's the best in Japan. Arata looks for words to say, but he has none. He acknowledges her success and remembers why he is still playing karuta--because of his friends.

Mizusawa is the national team karuta champions. We just have the individual tournament left, let's get it Mizusawa!



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> Screenshot of the Day Never gets old. > I'm starting to get convinced that Arata x Taichi is becoming more canon than either of the Chihaya ships... I mean, there's definitely more back-and-forth tension between both of them than with Chihaya :P


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"We love everything that's cute.

We love how cute we are.

So we search for someone who loves how cute we are."

Enter Chihayafuru 2, and with it we get Hanano Sumir-... Ahem, excuse me, I mean Best Girl. Yeah that's right, I said it.

Her introduction is the reason this has been my most anticipated episode for this rewatch. I'm sure some will find her polarizing, or perhaps downright disagreeable. She's clearly of a different breed from the lovable dorks of our karuta club, but as much as I loved the first season I consider her a breath of fresh air to the show.

Now, I say that she is of a different breed, but I'm not sure she's really all that different from the likes of Chihaya. At the very least, her passion for love seems like it could rival Chihaya's passion for Karuta, something I'd argue is central to both of their characters.

Also, I think everyone have to agree that her assessment of Chihaya is spot on :'D And I think that some people might appreciate that instead of the usual 'Beauty in vain' she fully recognizes the powerhouse that is Chihaya.

Sumire herself, by her own words, is a girl with slightly above average looks, and we see that she's someone who knows what she wants. I don't know how everyone else feels about this, but I could never see it as a negative.

After reading a certain poem, she suddenly bursts into tears. It would be the case that she has good taste by falling for Taichi since this is poem #9, which was poem of the day just a few days ago, and it happened to be the one /u/combo33 mentioned was MacMillan's favorite poem. The poem resonated strongly with her own feelings, inspiring her to chase after Taichi. There might be even more to this specific poem, however, I'm sure some of our staple posters will be getting around to that sooner or later (if they haven't already) ;)

While Chihaya's reaction to Sumire storming out of the classroom is hilarious, and while she didn't fully understand why it happened, you have to say that her assessment is actually... correct.

There's so much joy in her voice! Furthermore, I think everyone on the planet will have to agree with this.

Now, as the the train ride, Sumire tries some underhanded tactics, but gets completely blown away by Taichi's thoughtfulness - she wouldn't have known what he is like, but turns out he is actually a great guy.

I'll fight anyone who dislikes someone who gives Taichi a look like this. However, the subject of love is already something Taichi has given a lot of thought. She's not dumb and quickly comes to the realisation that Taichi won't have eyes for her. Taichi returns the compliment she gave, saying that Sumire is cute and must be getting asked out a lot as well, however, instead of bringing her joy it just tore her heart apart.

Despite getting preemptively turned down, Sumire decides not to give up without trying, inspired by Ono no Komachi she refuses to write poems about regret.

Within just a single episode of her introduction, Hanano Sumire had me tearing up, mostly in admiration.

It is very lonely in the 'Sumire Best'-club, but for me this episode was all it took and I'll welcome anyone with open arms!



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First Timer


Final Thoughts
Gif of the day | Bonus | Bonus 2

An interesting episode. I enjoyed seeing a group of players that have a completely different play-style at a high level like that, and it really dug deep into the weaknesses of the way Taichi was playing before. In a way this ep wraps up that little growth storyline for him.

Speaking of, I really feel for Taichi. He the leader, and needs to keep his team on track, but Arata, for both him and Chihaya, is a huge distraction. Time to step up.



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She's still not my best girl (that's Shinobu), but I really love your Sumire enthusiasm! > She's earnest and straightforward, and she knows herself well, I actually really like her as a character because she's so self-aware, she's perceptive about her surroundings, and she's not so set in her ways that she's incapable of change. She's the perfect type of character for some good development


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S2E19 Notes

00:48 - Kyouko recites #68 (ko-ko-ro-ni). (flashback)

After the OP song, Taichi is down 6-2 to Emuro. He then starts naming dead cards, as follows: "After many," "The emotions," "The hazed early dawn mist," "The sight," "May it," "My life," "When I," "Nothing," "Silent," "Gust," "I feel," "As my," "Since I," "For you I head."

In order, they are: #61 (i-ni), #43 (a-i), #64 (a-sa-bo-ra-ke-u), #58 (a-ri-ma), #36 (na-tsu), #20 (wa-bi), #51 (ka-ku), #89 (ta-ma), #18 (su), #22 (fu), #49 (mi-ka-ki), #41 (ko-i), #40 (shi-no), #15 (ki-mi-ga-ta-me-ha).

The fourth card he names is just "a-ri", which Crunchysub dutifully translates as "The sight". This is ambiguous as there are two cards that start with a-ri, and Taichi doesn't distinguish between #58 (a-ri-ma - The sight of Mount), and #30 (a-ri-a - The sight of the). But we saw #30 recited at S2E17 16:00, so he definitely means #58 here. The MK sub picks the wrong card here, they go with "Like the morning moon," which is #30 instead of #58, which is their pitfall of using custom poems that don't mesh with each other. The English dub uses the actual hiragana syllables, so they just say "a-ri" here.

Similarly, the 11th card he names is "mi-ka", or "I feel". This could be #27 (mi-ka-no - I feel as), or #49 (mi-ka-ki - I feel that). #27 was an actual card on the board, so it cannot have been a dead card, and it was taken off-screen in S2E17, so this refers to #49. The MK sub gets it right this time, with "Like a guard's fires."

With the list, we can build a red-blue-brown syllable list. Everything on the board is one or two syllables at this point.

Syllable list of remaining cards
Taichi vs Emura (6-2 E) (coloured)

04:39 - Kyouko recites #76 (wa-ta-no-ha-ra-ko). Taichi wins it from Emuro's bottom right. He sends #07 (a-ma-no) from his bottom left. It goes to Emuro's bottom right. 5-2 E.

06:06 - Kyouko recites #69 (a-ra-shi). Taichi wins it from his bottom left. Emuro faults on the #07 (a-ma-no) on his own bottom right. Taichi passes him the #35 (hi-to-wa) from his bottom right. 3-3!

We see even more Hokuo-Akashi scores here. I swear we've seen their board scores more often than the other Mizusawa boards over the past two episodes. We also see the remaining Mizusawa-Fujisaki boards though, and it looks like Taichi's no longer the one in deepest trouble.

Shiroyama (A) is leading Tanimura (B) 4-2. (previous: 5-4, 8-5)
Takuma (B) is leading Hayasaka (B) 4-2. (previous: 4-5, 7-6)
Amakasu (A) and Megumu (A) are 3-3, though Megumu looks like she's picking a card to send. (previous: 4-5, 6-7)
Kameda (B) is leading Yuube (A) 4-2. (previous: 6-3, 7-6)
Nishida is losing to Kanata 4-2.
Chihaya is leading Rion 5-1. (previous: 6-4, 14-12, 22-12)

07:21 - Taichi: "I'm sending "In order for.""

The focus then shifts to Chihaya's board. It turns out Rion also faulted - they don't mention on exactly which card, but Rion reached for the #07 (a-ma-no) on Chihaya's lower left, so it looks like it just happened on the exact same two cards as Taichi's match, except that Chihaya won the #69 (a-ra-shi) card from Rion's lower left too, so Chihaya got to send two cards instead of one, going from 4-3 to 5-1 Chihaya! Chihaya's last card is also the #35 that Taichi just sent to his opponent.

We don't get a recital for it, but at 08:32 we see two cards, the #07 (a-ma-no) and #14 (mi-chi) go flying from Rion's bottom right. We soon find out that #14 (mi-chi) was the one that was read. Chihaya passes over the #35 and wins her game by 5.

09:40 - Nishida: "I'm sending "No more.""

Nishida sends #55 (ta-ki) over to Kanata, it goes from Nishida's middle right to Kanata's bottom right. Taichi loses this card from his bottom left, and he's also down 3-2. Emuro sends over #83 (yo-no-na-ka-yo) from his bottom left, it goes to Taichi's bottom left.

10:18 - Kyouko recites end verse of #14 (mi-chi).
10:26 - Kyouko recites #83 (yo-no-na-ka-yo). Emuro wins it from Taichi's bottom left. He sends over #07 (a-ma-no) from his lower right row, it goes to Taichi's lower left row. Emuro then moves his #35 into his bottom right. 3-1 Emuro. Kanata wins his from his lower left. 3-1 Kanata.

At 10:57, we see a stylized win - no card is announced, but this is #35 (hi-to-wa). Taichi wins it from Emuro's bottom right, and sends over #55 (ta-ka). Nishida wins it from his own left. 2-1 both boards.

10:58 - Taichi: "I'm moving "Like a.""

He moves his #46 (yu-ra) from his right side to his left. At the same time, he moves his #07 (a-ma-no) from his left side to his right.

11:08 - Kyouko recites #07 (a-ma-no). Taichi wins it from his bottom right. Nishida wins it. 1-1 both!
11:16 - Taichi: "I'm moving my card."
11:41 - Midori: "Mizusawa synchronized their cards!"
12:53 - Midori: "It must be coincidence. Surely they didn't..."
13:06 - Emuro: "This was no coincidence. They were setting this up."

He moves his #46 (yu-ra) back from left to right. Synced luck-of-the-draw boards! So what happened here? The anime does kinda allude to the key moments, but to properly piece this together, we need to plot the boards from 6 cards all the way down to 2, figure out the cards read, moves and finally Taichi/Nishida's thoughts. Here is my interpretation:

07:21 - Taichi: "I'm sending "In order for."" (#35) Scores are 3-3 Taichi, 2-4 Nishida.

6 cards left

Taichi is thinking: Hokuo made Fujisaki work hard for their victory.. wait, Hokuo.. their victory against us. Our opponents have 3 and 2 cards left, and they're very strong. If we do win this, it will almost certainly be with them at 1 card left, and thus come down to luck of the draw, unless we pretty much sweep them. We need to set up our cards.

Nishida is thinking: Huh? ... oh. I've seen this script before. I figured out what was going on faster than the rest of my team vs Hokuo last month, but I was eliminated and couldn't help defend against it. This time, I know what Mashima is trying to do! I will note that Emuro has #35, and I need to send some information back his way to signal that I understand.

08:32 - There's no recital, but #14 is read - Taichi loses it from his side. Nishida wins it from Kanata's side. Emuro sends Taichi the #83. Scores are 3-2 Emuro, 3-2 Kanata.
09:40 - Nishida: "I'm sending "No more."" (#55)

5 cards left

Taichi is thinking: Good, Nishida gets it. Even though we're sitting next to each other, and I can look over to see his board, that could tip Fujisaki off. I will note that Kanata has #55.

Nishida is thinking: Emuro just sent a card over to Mashima, but because he didn't call anything out, it means Emuro still has the #35.

10:26 - Kyouko reads #83, Taichi loses it from his side, Nishida loses his from Kanata's side. Emuro sends Taichi the #07. 3-1 on both boards.

4 cards left

Taichi is thinking: I now know Kanata's remaining card is a #55. Emuro's is a #35. I hope those aren't the last two cards or we will lose. For us to win, one of those has to be called before the final two. If it is mine, I will win it.

Nishida is thinking: Emuro just sent a card over to Mashima, but again, because he didn't call anything out, it means Emuro's remaining card is a #35. Excavator may have won the card on his side, but I will defend my cards.

10:55 - There's no recital, but #35 is read. Taichi wins it from Emuro's side. He sends #55 to Emuro. Nishida wins it from his own side.
10:58 - Taichi: "I'm moving "Like a."" (#46) He outright swaps his #07 and #46 here, left and right side, so it seems pointless.

3 cards left

Taichi is thinking: Kanata and Emuro both have the same card now. Nishida and I both have the same two cards left. It's okay if one of our two cards gets read next, but it would be too obvious to signal which card to send if the #55 is read and we both win it. Even though they can't stop it, it may be seen as unsportsmanlike.

Nishida is thinking: Mashima just sent a card to his opponent. That has to be the #55, since he knows Excavator has the #55. He has #46 and #07 left, same as me. Why did he just call out #46? He must be signalling to keep the #46 and send the #07 if we have to!

11:08 - Kyouko recites #07, both Taichi and Nishida win it from their side. 1-1!
11:16 - Taichi: "I'm moving my card."

2 cards left

Taichi is thinking: I'll feign innocence by calling something out as I move my last card to my strong side, but this time I'm not naming the card. There's no need to.

Nishida is thinking: Oh no, Mashima has bad luck!

And synced! This makes Hokuo very happy, to see the role they played in Mizusawa avenging them. It's apt that Taichi and Nishida anchor this episode, as this is reminiscent of S1E19, the sister episode, when they bonded at the end of Saitama after Nishida beat Taichi in the Class B finals.

14:43 - Taichi: ""Like" is a one-syllable-card now, but "Nothing" hasn't been read, so he can't take "No more" on the first syllable."
15:07 - Kyouko recites #15 (ki-mi-ga-ta-me-ha). Dead card.
15:23 - Kyouko reads #40 (shi-no). Dead card.
16:10 - Taichi: "Six more dead cards. "After many," "May it," "My life," "Nothing," "Silent," "Gust"...

These are: #61 (i-ni), #36 (na-tsu), #20 (wa-bi), #89 (ta-ma), #18 (su), #22 (fu).

16:31 - Taichi: "Still... God... I beg you... I don't care if my card is never read in a luck-of-the-draw again. So please..."
16:55 - Kyouko reads #46 (yu-ra). Both Taichi and Nishida win it from their bottom right sides. Mizusawa wins both matches by 1, and wins the match 3-2!



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To be honest, a few years ago I might have been *really* annoyed by Sumire. But since she's, like, 15? 16? She reminds me of a lot of teen girls who aggressively try to get a boyfriend (hell, I wasn't any better at 15...), so she's definitely a breath of fresh air. The romance in season 1 was literally just Taichi pining, so I don't mind this overly romantic, ambitious girl stirring the pot :D Kana is still Best Girl for me, though <3


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Screenshot of the Day

First Timer - Season 2 Episode 10

Overall Thoughts

I'm really liking that all of the karuta matches so far have been pretty unique since it definitely makes things a lot more interesting. Seeing how the team reacted to opponents who had a different style made me realize that it seems like that could actually be a decent strategy tbh. For example Taichi could maybe utilize his memory a lot more by shifting cards around in the match to counter opponents like Chihaya. Maybe this could lead them to winning against Fujisaki because otherwise, I don't see how they can win against 5 class A players.

Meanwhile it seems like Arata will probably get to play, now that Shinobu is working to get him in the tournament as well. Their relationship still intrigues me, so I hope to see more of it in the upcoming eps.

Also not sure what to make of the cliffhanger, but I hope Nishida knows what he's doing.

Karuta Scoreboard

Character Wins Losses Ep# (Wins)
Taichi Mashima 29(+1) 10 2,7,10,11,13,14,15,18,20,28,29,31,33,35
Yuusei Nishida 24(+1) 6 10,11,13,15,18,19,28,29,33,35
Chihaya Ayase 21(+1) 10 2,4,6,7,8,10,11,14,17,21,28,29,33,35
Arata Wataya 17 4 1,2,3,20,21,23,28,34
Kanade Ooe 16 8(+1) 10,13,15,17,18,19,28,29,31,33
Tsutomu Komano 10 13 13,15,18,29
Shinobu Wakamiya 8 0 14,15,24
Akihiro Tsukuba 1 2(+1) 33
Sumire Hanano 0 1

See you tomorrow~

Screenshot of the Day Collection

Season 1 Album

Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Season 2

Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



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First-Timer, Watched Subbed

  • Poor Taichi has been going through a lot of shit, but here he finally turns his luck around!

  • Taichi how could reject Harada like that? D:

  • Hot damn, Taichi already catched up! Best boy proves that Misuzawa may have a chance to make a comeback.

  • Yes! Chihaya won! My god, they really got themselves out of trouble! All they need is two more!

  • Lmao, Chihaya is already knocked right after she thanks her opponent.

  • Holy shit, it’s a draw? And they synchronized their cards? Shit reeeally just got real!

  • Fucking dammit, my heart’s racing, Fujisaki going on the defense isn’t making things any better.

  • Hanano is perfectly describing how I’m feeling right now.

  • I don’t know if I want Chihaya to wake up or not. I want her to see him, but I don’t want her to him lose either. :( I think that’s my pessimism talking.

  • Christ, I can just feel the amount of despair and desperation in Taichi’s voice, it feels overwhelming.

  • That goddamn transition when the card is read.

  • They...they did it...

  • They actually did...


  • Ah fuck, I was on the verge of tears at this point, these guys are so precious.

  • Fujisaki deserves some props too, they put up one hell of a play in this match, they were all noteworthy here.

  • I’m really glad Sakurazawa talks in a more encouraging way to her players, which was unexpected given her cold exterior. Her talk with Rion was very heartwarming.

  • It’s also nice to see Rion actually convey emotion, and Makoto don’t make me regret shipping you with her!

  • Well, look who gets to show up...what do you have to say about team matches now?

Now if you need me, I’m going for a walk to space out over how close of a call this was.



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First Timer

What is going on with this train crossing in the OP? Chihaya is across from Arata, Arata is across from Taichi, and now Taichi is across from Chihaya? I have two theories based on this. Either Taichi has a twin brother and/or clone, or the entire cast has developed prosopagnosia. I say this second part because Taichi #2 and Chihaya #2 and are standing where Chihaya #1 and Arata were standing, thus pointing at the fact that they've become incapable of distinguishing who is who. It could also be implying that the characters see each other differently than others, specifically saying that Taichi and Arata both see Chihaya when they look at each other. Maybe implying that Chihaya isn't actually real and is just a figment of their imaginations? Who knows. Anyway, the OP itself is alright. It ends a bit abruptly, which is kinda strange.

This girl is really gonna join the karuta club just because she wants to date the hottest guy in school isn't she? Poor Nishida doesn't even know what's coming for him.

Hardest I've laughed at this show so far.

Why does this card have a 3 on it?

This girl has shit taste in voices.

Look at all those open seats though!

Season 2 off to a decent start. I'm surprised that some of new members actually seem to be taking it a little bit seriously. I have a bad feeling about the new guy, though.



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First Timer

Oh man that was seriously an intense nerve-racking episode. I feel like I need to smoke after watching that.

I'm just happy that Mizusawa won but that ending. Also Chihaya's finger. I really hope it's not too serious. I wanna see her compete in the individual matches. Not really a lot to say. I just wanna see the next episode now!



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First Time Watcher

Okay, that episode felt about half the length of a normal episode. Usually, when the ED starts, I'm ready for it, but this time it caught me completely off guard. I was getting really into the match and now I have to wait for tomorrow to find out how it turns out.

I have a lot of respect for Retro for wanting to have an actual match and put their best players against each other. Both teams trying to give it their all makes for a much more interesting match and shows respect for their opponents.

Sudo acting as a reader was a complete surprise and one that I did not see coming. He's a very good reader, which Kana notices, even if he does have threatening coughs. If Sudo ever becomes a coach, he might have to tone down his thought bubbles, though his "if you don't get it together, I'll stab you" made me laugh.

I love how Miyauchi has become one of the biggest supporters of the karuta club. The tasuki was such a nice gesture and shows her support for the team, even if she can't coach them.

One of things that's interesting about karuta is how each match is different because of the people playing it. Even though the rules are the same and don't change, the differing emotional states, struggles, and pressures make each game unique. For this match against Amakusa, Chihaya has to be careful that she isn't so focused on her long-term goal that she loses sight against the of match she's playing right now. That's a different struggle from when she played that "lucky" woman (sorry, I can never remember her name) and was relying on her speed, which wasn't a good strategy against that opponent. All of the karuta games we've seen feel different to me, even though we're watching the players do essentially the same thing (hit cards), because each game comes with its own meaning/pressure/struggles/victories.



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Poem of the Day: I Do Not Know Where This Love Will Take Me (link)

MacMillan translates poem 46 as follows:

46. Sone no Yoshitada

Crossing the Bay of Yura
the boatman loses the rudder.
The boat is adrift,
not knowing where it goes.
Is the course of love like this?

MacMillan comments:

One of the loveliest poems in the collection, this is another example of a poem that employs imagery from the natural world to express a sentiment, using a famous place name, the Bay of Yura, to give added resonance. The first three lines form a preface ending in a pivot phrase that connects the first part of the poem (‘The boat is adrift / not knowing where it goes’) with the second (‘not knowing where it goes / Is the course of love [also] like this?’). A view of the landscape is thus sketched which is then linked to the message of the poem: like the course of a boat that has lost its rudder, the way of love is filled with uncertainty.

The match against Fujisaki has all come down to this episode. To me, this is one of the finest episodes in the entire series. It so perfectly wraps in all of the themes of the show leading up to this point to create a truly enrapturing tale of teamwork, determination, and above all, love.

That’s what this card is about. Ever since Chihaya, Taichi, and Arata separated back as kids, the path of their friendship has been uncertain. The only guiding rudder that Chihaya has used is the determination to become the best in Japan at karuta. She knew if she could only do that, then she’d meet Arata once again, and she could play with Taichi along the way. Taichi has been coming to the realization that he’s in love with Chihaya ever since they were kids, but he also knows that her feelings for him are uncertain. In this match, he goes through a cavalcade of emotions as he faces a very difficult opponent who will not give in and forces a luck of the draw. It is in this case where Taichi’s fate is truly in the hands of the gods, and he begs them, just this once, to show him a sign that his love is justified. He doubts he’ll get his way, but he asks nonetheless.

Chihaya finishes her match first and leaves absolutely everything on the field. Injured and exhausted she slumps onto the ground after showing respect, as Harada always tells her she must. She only awakens in the final moment, when Taichi silently pleads with her to watch his fate. Nishida and Taichi have been able to learn from their previous matches to synchronize their cards together and build off their experience to give them the best shot at winning. They both have the boatman card on their side. And, in a stroke of tremendous luck, and perhaps a message from the gods, they are granted their wish, and both take the card at the same time.

The entire room yells out in excitement, including many of Mizusawa’s players, except for one. Kana, tears in her eyes, which inevitably leads to tears in my own, whispers to Tsukuba and Hanano that the match isn’t over until the second verse is read. Her love for the poetry and respect for the match is never felt more powerfully than in this moment. Arata hears the match end and is greeted by Chihaya in the hallway. She has a message for him. She’s become the best in Japan, like she said she would when they were kids. She may not be Queen, but her team is the best, and she tells him never to say he’s not interested in team matches again. This finally brings Arata, who has isolated himself from teams, truly back into the fold, and sets up a future where Chihaya, Taichi, and Arata might all play together again one day, which is truly Chihaya’s wish.

I’m at a loss for words to describe how emotional I get about this episode. It’s one of my favorite of the series. It espouses so many things that I believe about sports, camaraderie, friendship, and love. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.



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  • "How does Chihaya play karuta now?" I was half-expecting Arata to think, "Oh cool, Chihaya is left-handed now like Shinobu." LOL, glad Arata's not an airhead!

  • "It's bad manners to move so many cards at one time." Since when??? No one said anything when the Yamaguchi quiz show guys moved their cards around almost every turn...

  • Pretty cool how Chi-chan flipped/mirrored her cards like that! But... is it realistic to think that it was enough to help her win? 🤔 I dunno, seems... a bit of a stretch... Uh, no pun intended. 😉

  • I have to agree with one of the Crunchyroll comments that said Chihaya might be left-handed (or ambidextrous) after all, but never realized it, lol. After all, she took her first Chihaya card from Arata with her left hand...

  • Chihaya blushing when Arata compliments her! 💕 But then they just stand there looking at each other like idiots... Teenagers, amirite? 🙄

  • "Can I reach him?" You definitely reached him, Kaori-chan! Oops, wrong anime... 😭

  • "You rock, chubby kid!" It's hilarious how Arata's parents aren't even hiding it, LOL. 🤣

  • That was a really touching scene with Porky reflecting on his failings during the team tournament and playing his heart out against Arata.

  • Chihaya taking off her bandages. Oh no, Chi-chan! No, don't do it! I have a bad feeling that Potential spoiler maybe??? 😟



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comment reddit link>>


No way Taichi or Chihaya forget about Arata...even though I sometimes do

Really feeling for Taichi ;~;

This shot of Taichi getting all the towels, just puts a smile on my face.

And the one he cares about the most...

So now they're off to play a game against opponents they've beaten before but can lose to.

Quotes from First Time

Arata looking sharp in that tie :3

NO! Bad Past Ame!

"I don't understand what gets you excited" Not you Taichi ;-;




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comment reddit link>>


Total Karma:92 Attendancy:19

comment reddit link>>

The Chihayafuru anime can be such a strange beast sometimes. So you're sitting there watching this karuta and character development stuff happening, when Shang Tsung suddenly appears and then it's all like


Although it features an actual competitive match, this episode is really just serving as the prelude to the tournament proper. Through the eyes of Komano & Sumire, we're given glimpses of some of the major players involved, including First Akashi Girls' School, who has on their roster the Western region's Queen challenger representitive, the reigning champions Fujisaki High School and of course, the two individuals who Chihaya's thoughts are drawn to the most - Arata & Shinobu.

That said, their first-round match still had a purpose, because with how competition-dominated the story will be, it's probably important to be reminded about "the love of the game" and why these players are here playing karuta in the first place.

We know for a fact that none of the Mizusawa team came into competitive karuta because they wanted to play competitive karuta. Nishida, the most naturally competitive of the group, plays because of the thrill of competition & success he gets from playing. Even the likes of Arata & Shinobu, two of the most 'serious' players in the story, have very personal reasons for getting into karuta - the former through bonding with his grandfather, the latter being drawn to the colourful pictures on the cards.

So while the Chiba team are very much green to the competitive aspects, it means their enjoyment of karuta has yet to become influenced by requirements of competition and were like a window back in time for the Mizusawa players, to when they themselves weren't so burdened by expectations and goals of tournament success and in a wider sense, one of the main reasons why we take part in sports & hobbies in the first place - fun.



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comment reddit link>>


Chihaya won! It looked like she was barely hanging on physically, so I'm glad she got a win out of it.

Nishida feels more confident, which is different than the last two major matches he's wilted in.

Taichi got down to luck-of-the-draw. He usually has pretty bad luck, so I'm curious how it'll go.

Damn, both are at luck-of-the-draw. Part of me hates that one or two fewer mistakes and Mizusawa would have the win, but man this makes for awesome tension.

I freaking love that Taichi and Nishida worked together to synchronize their cards. It's a testament to how much the two believe in and respect each other as karuta players, and a callback to how Nishida mentioned to Taichi that he's a great president because he's considerate and was the only one to not call him Porky. Also, it's just awesome to see them come up with a strategy like this.

Just thinking...if Mizusawa wins, it will be like the ultimate punishment for Arata. He'll have missed the team Chihaya and Taichi started win nationals in its second year of existence, which is an amazing feat.

MIZUSAWA WON!!!!! Damn, that was such a tense and thrilling match. I'm so happy that luck finally broke Taichi's way and that Chihaya could watch, and that she accomplished her goals for Mizusawa.

I actually enjoyed how Fujisaki handled the loss. I did not expect their coach to be so humble in defeat.

It was a bittersweet win for Chihaya though because Arata wasn't there. I do wonder how she'll react if/when she finds out why he didn't watch. Thinking back to their original team as kids, it's a little sad he couldn't be there with them, either playing or cheering.

I'm curious where the team goes from here, and how the individual tournaments won, but for now, that was probably the most satisfying episode of the series by far.



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comment reddit link>>

First Time (sub)

Ah after the badass scene at the end of last episode, Chihaya still knows she cannot win, but she still wants to win with all her might. Though against an injured opponent, Shinobu should give her best: this way, Chihaya cannot injury her finger anymore than she already has if she cannot touch the cards.

I like that Shinobu is getting a more flesh-out backstory by including the loneliness that comes from being the best, from being a prodigy/genius. That being said, I feel like her and Chihaya could be friends over those cute collectibles. Also seems like it is very obvious that Arata and Shinobu are going to play against each other in the finals, and I am HYPED for the showdown.

Seems like Taichi just won with a very big lead at the end there. Based on the previous episode, seems like his mental game is fully intact, and he can go full power and dominant in a Class B tournament.



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First Timer

Screenshot of the Day

That camera trio was pretty creepy, Megumu should've taken the Sumire approach to get rid of them haha. Although her own method is still good.

Tsukuba underestimating our girl Kana? smh. But it does show just how far she has come and currently leading in her match.

I did like Megumu's backstory. Her team acknowledged her potential to compete for Queen status and has focused on getting her the most experience against the best. She has the full support of her coach, teammates, and .... I guess the camera trio, too.

Chihaya had a rough start in her match. She didn't anticipate the growth that Megumu would make since her match against Yumi. With the support from Kana, she was able to calm her nerves and get back in the match.

Today's Album of Screenshots & Gif



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WOW! LETS FREAKING GO! From before the tournament started, I always thought they would lose in the finals. Last episode was the first time I thought they had a tiny chance, but I am still surprised. I had kept saying they would lose 5-0 or 4-1, so I’m pumped right now.

I was seriously about to be so pissed if Chihaya didn’t wake up for the end. That was very annoying that she feel asleep. My boy Taichi clutches up, yet he is still in group B. Come on baby, it’s time to join the big leagues!

I was kind of hoping it would end after the team embraced each other. I knew an Arata scene was about to happen, but feel like it should have happened next episode. Takes a way a little of “Mizusawa team” atmosphere.



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comment reddit link>>


Random Observations:

Wow… dude… sad cause your class doesn’t have a lot of girls in it? Dude… Considering that a chunk of my teaching training consisted of how NOT to put yourself in “situations” I would’ve considered it lucky if my classes didn’t have a lot of girls.

Aaaaand we’re down to just one first year, and it was the guy. On one hand, the girls were all there for superficial reasons and probably wouldn’t have taken karuta all that seriously. On the other hand I feel like that’s true for most if not all clubs, at least initially. It’s easy to blow off all the girls as superficial, people not worth having around, but the club needs members long term. And you can’t expect everyone to be all in all the time, it wouldn’t hurt to have people who’re there to just have fun and hang out. I guess with karuta it’s harder to do, especially since you need all the quiet you can get. Seriously though if the girls wanted something easy then they shouldn’t have joined an athletic club; they should’ve joined a cultural club where the members don’t do squat… like the keionbu.

Not much to say about Tsukuba so far, what you get is what you see so far. Maybe I don’t have much to say cause of his tongue thing, cause I reeeeally dislike the tongue thing.

One could say Chihaya’s being greedy, but who hasn’t been passionate about their hobbies? Who wouldn’t understand how it feels to want to share your favorite thing ever with someone?

“Do you think Mashima senpai knows your true feelings after one outburst?” I mean… her feelings aren’t that complicated.



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comment reddit link>>

First timer

One thing this episode did was make me apperciate Komano much more as a character. His team in the role is really awesome and he's one of my favorite members of the club now. This episode did a lot to develop him and I loved it for that. While I really don't like how Nishida confronted Komano, I understand why he did it. It's pretty obvious that Nishida did not know why Komano was doing what he did and why he didn't want to play matches.

The end really shows the power of a team and how they can support each other with both Chihaya willing to take a different position (I guess being supportive of your team does have it's advantages since she gets to play the top player in the end) and Komano realizing that his team is supportive of him and wants him to grow.

I also really hope they beat the girls school, since they don't seem to be taking this too seriously.



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Let me say this here and now. This is my favorite episode of the series, and since we started the rewatch, this is the episode I have been looking forward to talking about the most, because I just adore it. For starters, it's just hype. The excitement of Mizusawa winning alone could probably make this one of my favorite episodes, but it's more than just them winning. It's the fact that there are such important moments to the main characters stories here.

First and most importantly, there's Taichi. Throughout the entire series, Taichi has been stuck as kinda the underperforming one. He has the skill and he has the technique, but due to a combination of bad luck, his own self-doubt, and not having the "game sense" that the others have, he's been stuck in B class. Moreover, of the three, Chihaya, Arata, and Taichi, Taichi's been probably the weakest since they reached high school and if you look at the three of them, he felt like the straggler. But here, he finally manages to catch a break and win, and not just that but win against someone he compared to Arata. Sure, he acknowledged that Emuro is not as good as Arata, but he's in A class and still has a similar skill set, and Taichi won. This is the moment in my mind where Taichi finally was able to stand up with the others truly as equals and arguably where he finally put his own personal conflicts aside. Plus the fact that lady luck finally shown down on him is great as well.

Next, there's Nishida. Let's be honest, Nishida's not had a great showing recently. Sure, he won a good number of matches, but he lost the regional finals quite early to Hokuo, he ended up giving advice to Chihaya that hurt her, he dismissed Komano's contributions and ended up putting a fracture in the team, and of course lost to Akashi Girls. Seeing him finally come through here was so satisfying and to me made up for his moments where he faltered in the past.

Chihaya is more obvious, but still this is her fighting herself basically, fighting someone who has abilities similar to hers or arguably better hearing than hers. What ultimately clinched her win (besides the injury which ironically helped stabilize the game in the middle) was Chihaya just had more technique, something she's been learning for almost a season now. Chihaya's time spent honing her skills has not gone to waste.

And then finally there's Mizusawa as a team. Taichi using Komano's analysis to force Emuro into a double fault was great, and Taichi encouraging Nishida and Chihaya indicating they would not give up was a good moment, but let's be real, the best part was when Nishida and Taichi successfully aligned their cards for the luck of the draw. It had been their downfall against Hokuo and they learned. Taichi didn't even look at Nishida as he did it, he knew Nishida would realize given how much it cost them earlier. And notice he did.

Sorry if I've been rambling, but given this episode is kinda the culmination of 4 character arcs in a way, and just how hype it was regardless, I just love it so much. Even the music, I love that bit that plays halfway through the match as Taichi forces Emuro into a double fault and the slow build as we wait for the last card to be read. This is one of the most hype moments ever in my opinion, and it's an indicator of why I love Chihayafuru so much.



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comment reddit link>>
> Damn this man knows how to cut to the core. I really like how his tone was similar to when he called out taichi on his lie about his height.


Total Karma:56 Attendancy:7

comment reddit link>>

A nice episode that besides having Sudo back, also makes the rivalry of Hukou and Misusawa. Despite them being already classified, they want the glory for themselves. I definitely enjoyed this.



Total Karma:48 Attendancy:8

comment reddit link>>

First Timer

  • Ok so after possibly the worst case of time management of all time I have finally caught back up and I’m so glad it’s a Taichi episode for my return (based on the end of last ep at least).

  • Even she realises Chihaya talent and... dopiness

  • Chihaya please choose your teammates….

  • Sudo is such a fun character never change pls

  • Man Taichi dominated him that badly

  • I swear don’t make Taichi lose another final… get him out of elo hell

  • Oh no Chihaya there goes Taichi's composure

  • I can’t lie porky has been a questionable friend recently

  • I have a gut feeling that the first person to beat the Queen is going to be Chihaya not Arata but i guess we're gonna find out soon enough

  • Taichi forget about Chihaya for a second, you’re in the final ffs

  • Omg did Taichi finally do it. I legit feel like crying my boy did it.

  • Yep that’s how I feel too chihaya



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First Timer!

Oooh, a Taichi centered episode? yes please.

Again, Taichi shows why he is the best character of Chihayafuru. This kind of writing is top notch, and the fact that they showed what his flaw was in an understandable way before Harada sensei revealing it in the team games, it is really good. Top notch writing, 100% believable, and I'm really glad that he managed to overcome the situation. As a side note, I really liked how everyone was basically supporting him to the point that everyone gave him a towel, lol, even Chihaya!... although I will not buy it still. It may very well be a fluke from her part, a mirage if you may. I'll need to see more of her finally seeing Taichi to finally buy it. I mean, it is Chihaya "Dense" Ayase we are talking about here. Still, the reason why Taichi can't advance to class A is unresolved, and I can't wait to finally see him getting to class A.

All the girls surrounding Taichi were also hilarious too. It was sweet seeing them supporting him that hard.

All the other characters were pretty good this episode too. Special mention goes to Kana, I found hilarious she being mad against the poor dude that was reciting the poems. And again, I liked Sumire here too. It was a nice touch from her part to bake those sweets, even if Taichi didn't eat them. I liked too that she went out of her way and watched the other match instead, it is kinda the same thought pattern that Taichi followed this episode, of focusing what is in front of you and trust your team.



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comment reddit link>>

Shinobu’s reason for showing up a day early is as unusual as you might expect for her. We get an Arata focused episode, for all of you guys who wanted so see one.

Also, 5 class-A players on the team they will need to beat to win. That’s a steep challenge, even if you only need three wins. Speaking of three wins, Arata’s getting in trouble as he remembers what team matches do mean to him. That’s a bit of a theme for these episodes, what’s up with a team match in an individual sport.

It’s this one again, while Arata decides to screw subtlety for what team games mean to him.



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comment reddit link>>
I missed a week: are you now turning into a first timer?


Total Karma:39 Attendancy:7

comment reddit link>>
>The song that plays is the ending theme from S1, which is 100% sung from Chihaya's perspective to Arata. As she lies next to Taichi, she recalls her memories starting from that fateful day where Arata introduced her to what passion is. Does anyone remember where the extended ED first featured in S1? Oh. Right. The Valentines episode where Chihaya receives Arata's text message, while Taichi is forced to look on. The work of an evil genius! [](#lwahorror) Unrelated, but [I finally realized who Retro reminds me of](


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> Well, look who gets to show up...what do you have to say about team matches now? Maybe he can show her his internal monologue from the last episode? While I think Arata doesn't feel he is part of 'team karuta' (because he doesn't have the only team he cares about) he does appreciates it.


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That episode felt like it lasted only 5 minutes. Sucks that Chihaya got injured, but at the same time, it seems like it'll be some kind of double edged sword for her. The ending of the episode was pretty cute with all the dudes standing up at the same time, lol. Mizusawa fighto!

I think I'm gonna watch ahead to tomorrow's episode, - just that one wasn't enough to satisfy me.



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First Timer

Holy shit Taichi made class A!!!

Can't believe he stomped Retro like that and then after getting psyched out by Chihaya's presence he pulled himself together, compared Rion to Chihaya instead of Suo and won by 9 cards. That was a hell of an episode. It'd be super badass if Tsutomu can win but I really want to see the Arata vs Shinobu match. Such a great run of episodes!



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Wooo! The rewatch has finally caught up to where I binged to after I lost discipline. Can't wait for solo tournament.



Total Karma:22 Attendancy:5

comment reddit link>>

The first part of this episode was a nice epilogue to yesterday's episode. The recap was a bit too soon, but the last part set the individual competition up well. It was good to see all the opponents from the team matches are back and eager to make up for their losses.

Since I missed yesterday's thread, I'll take advantage of the recap and say a few words about episode 19 here. Episode 19 was an awesome episode and my favourite so far. It did a terrific job showing how far each member of Mizusawa has come in technical ability, mental fortitude, and strategy. The match started with an almost overwhelming domination by Fujisaka, but Mizusawa did not falter. Even after two losses, their will to fight remained unbroken. Such dauntlessness is a wonderful trait and can create opportunities, for even the strong commit faults and are unlucky on occasion (as we saw).

I hope good fortune continues to favour Taichi and he manages to win the class B tournament. Arata, Chihaya, and Nishida are all playing in class A while he alone stays behind. Hopefully, this will be the last time that happens.



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comment reddit link>>
> What is going on with this train crossing in the OP? I think it's just showing that between those three there's a certain distance (as they are on different sides) and that they all have different relationships with each other. We know that Taichi loves Chihaya, but does Chihaya love Arata only in relation to karuta, is it more? Taichi and Arata have a different (not love based) connection. They are rivals in a way but is it only about karuta or also about Chihaya? How does Chihaya feel about Taichi? When those two are together her love for karuta seems to overshadow and bulldozer away any romantic feeling she might have for him. While they have recently re-connected with each other their relationships are still rather undefined besides a general feeling of "they are all friends with each other" (and: Taichi loves Chihaya). And from Chihaya's side her love for karuta outshines everything else that might be there.


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First Time Watcher

I've been mostly lurking due to time constraints but I felt the need to comment something short today.

HOLY SHIT what was that ending?! I gasped so hard. Since when they knew each other???! Shinobu sees him playing as a child just like Chihaya does, this is going to be good.

Also, I didn't know how to feel about Sumire and Tsukuba yesterday, but in just one episode they made me love them, the character development in this show keeps impressing me.



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comment reddit link>>

Chihaya has a nice alone moment with the sleeping Taichi and all she thinks about is Karuta. She manages to have a rare few words with Arata and starts blushing like a middle schooler. Sigh, shipping is rough in this show.



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comment reddit link>>


Ah here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for. This is probably my favorite episode of Chihayafuru and it still gets me, just as it did the first time I watched it. I love how the show has built up and made us endure Taichi's suffering/bad luck for two seasons just for this one single game. I love the symbolism of the poem that wins them the game (a favorite of mine together with #40, I guess I have a thing for love poems in general though). I love how this win was only possible because of their previous losses and hard-earned lessons.



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First Timer

We don’t belong to teams, so we can only focus on making ourselves stronger.

Our beloved world of karuta can only grow through the recruiting, teaching, and encouraging of new players. It’s team players who keep this game alive.

  • The world of karuta is harsh, and it's a reality that Mizusawa's players are learning. Chihaya playing in spite of her injury, Taichi, Nishida, Komano, and Tsukuba playing to overcome with newfound resolve. But the reality of karuta has always been a lonely one for Shinobu-chan. Is strength and talent always more valuable than camaraderie and willpower? For the experienced and accomplished players, their values show in how they weigh individual matches over team matches.
  • That aside, I'm very glad Mizusawa's karuta boys are able to realize their weakness determination.

I'm a bad forgetter, I want to overcome my own analysis, I want to become... a hero? (odd MHA vibes but ok)

  • I wonder if Nishida-kun managed to get the "feel sorrow" card? He wasn't able to pick up momentum in the key matches beforehand, but I hope he found it now...
  • Although Tsukuba-kun losing is expected, that final encouragement from Fujisaki's otaku was greatly needed. Now I not only hope Tsukuba gets at least decent character development, but also that he can make other good otaku karuta players pull this move.
  • Screenshot of the episode is more sorrowful than what the show intended...

Last thought: My ears are confused after seeing that Ono Yuuki plays fraud Arata.



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First Timer

I wasn't too sure about Sumire last episode but after this one I'm really liking her character, you can see she is obsessed with love and she is starting to see a part of that love in the poems of the karuta cards.

Sumire conversation with Kana was a great scene in which saw the similarities between them. Also Kana is best girl.

That new dude doesn't really seem like a bad guy but I can't say I like him yet, maybe that will change in the future.



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comment reddit link>>

Seems like a lot of people don't like how Nishida acted this episode, but he was right. Desk-kun needs a kick in the pants to do what he should be doing. He still holds himself back out of doubt and insecurity; he tells himself to be content with the status quo and maybe try again next time. Times like that is when he needs Nishida there to tell him if he won't do what he knows he wants to do, then somebody else will take his place.



Total Karma:11 Attendancy:3

comment reddit link>>
>This episde write-up was a challenge to do, as the episode kept bouncing around. The episode also ends on a different note. It's been a few weeks since I finished this episode and the series, it's not as fresh as I would like, but I remember having conflicting feelings about this episode. I remember being a bit frustrated because I felt a bit underwhelmed with Taichi's victory. I think the cutting back and forth in focus played into that. During this entire tournament, Taichi pretty much took a backseat so while we have been seeing his struggle for so long, not seeing much this tournament took some of the edge off. Again looking back at it now I can see why it was framed this way but still felt guilty at the time of just wanting to see the Class A finals haha. I did laugh my ass off when Chihaya realized Taichi was now a rival (rival for Arata's heart...) [final episodes](Spoilers)


Total Karma:11 Attendancy:2

comment reddit link>>
> Poll for best ship I clearly rooted for Taichi and Chihaya on first watch and am still going with that, but after the last few episodes, I can unironically see TaichiXArata.


Total Karma:10 Attendancy:4

comment reddit link>>

Hmm, Chihaya using her left hand makes me wonder if there's gonna be an ambidextrous player in the future. 🤔



Total Karma:9 Attendancy:2

comment reddit link>>

Just a heads up for everybody: If you google "Chihayafuru" one of first links is a video with a pretty big spoiler in the title so don't do it



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comment reddit link>>
> This is the worst kind of drama. He's honestly getting upset because people aren't arguing against his idea. What an idiot. Such shitty writing. This might not be peak Chihayafuru but I wouldn't call it shitty writing. Nishida wanted Komano to show that he wasn't losing his competitive drive by refusing his suggestion to let a first year have his spot. Taking any excuse to sit out of a match is the sort of thing the old Nishida would have done back when he was giving up on karuta due to his "poor" results, and he thought that Komano might be going down that path. So he told Komano not to play and he was hoping that he'd fight back, but Komano is not Nishida and he was just doing things his own way. I don't really see why this is shitty writing. Nishida was projecting his own personal failures on a team mate and turns out that he was wrong. Seems like decent enough characterization for both characters.


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comment reddit link>>

I was kind of nervous about adding more characters to the Misuzawa club because I felt we had a nice sweet spot of five members where you could give everyone a good slice of the development pie, but Tsukubu and Sumire have been nice so far. They have some relatable baggage to deal with, but I feel their greatest strength thus far has definitely help juxtapose both Kana and Komano now from where they were a year ago. Chihaya, Taichi, and Nishida have been at Karuta for years. Kana and Komano have been playing for just a year. Sumire and Tsukubu do an impressive job of reflecting the growth of our sophomore Karuta players. It's kind of insane, really, how much they have grown.



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comment reddit link>>

Did the up the budget for season 2? Some of the art was very impressive in this episode.



Total Karma:5 Attendancy:2

comment reddit link>>

Finally caught up to this rewatch! This anime has been amazing and now I know why so many people have been recommending it. I was expecting Mizusawa to lose initially because Chihayafuru does not pull back on MCs losing but this just felt so intense and satisfying.



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comment reddit link>>

First Timer

I know it's only been a few days, but this episode elicits a weird sense of nostalgia nonetheless.

An interesting start, Chihaya greedy af lol



Total Karma:5 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>
I also thought it was all but certain they would lose in the finals and have their last chance next year/season. But what a pleasant surprise! We'll get to see them defend their championship this upcoming season.


Total Karma:4 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>

I don't watch (yet) but I have a question: is there romance in this anime?



Total Karma:3 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>
Haha good catch on those poses! I was just thinking that I wanted to see a pose-off between Retro and the Fujisaki anime otaku guy, but if Retro is doing JoJo poses then he wins by default.


Total Karma:3 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>


I saw the first season. I didn't understand the anime. I started the second season! But I never got this far! I would love to rewatch season 2!



Total Karma:3 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>
> but I would love to see the characters get themselves out of a pinch. Most times a different teammate steps up for them Having a teammate to rely on is a pretty common theme for team games, though. There are moments when individuals step up their game like during the regional finals (both 1st and 2nd year), but we will see more team narrative in team tournaments. Let's wait until the next individual tournaments to see those individual growth moments.


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comment reddit link>>
>I accidentally watched the first six minutes on faster speed, so that's why everyone sounded so goddamn wrong. [](#laughter) How did that even happen?


Total Karma:2 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>

Alternative episode title for Chihaya: "...and she's all out of bubblegum."



Total Karma:2 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>

This episode is dedicated to all the blog boys.



Total Karma:2 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>

Wow props to your all’s patience I consider a rewatch when I finish the entire series before the weekends over XD



Total Karma:2 Attendancy:1

comment reddit link>>
Kinda fun to see you as a first timer here on Chihayafuru. Did you start watching anime recently ? You’re now everywhere 😅 And kinda jealous. I wish to be a first timer too. This is a great anime. Enjoy and see you on season 3 🙂


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comment reddit link>>
I think part of the reason she is drawn to Karuta is because she just doesn't get it. It's just a silly card game and yet all these people are so serious about it. They are forming tight knit bonds with each other and with rivals and they have strong goals and aspirations that they are heavily fighting for and all Sumire sees is just a card game.


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Hey, long time no see! Ah, I had to drop the rewatch around 1x18... It's nice to be back. I'm afraid that when I searched karuta websites I didn't get immediate results so I just looked at [websites]( about the east/west division in general. East Japan: Hokkaido. Tohoku. Kanto. West Japan: Kansai. Chugoku. Shikoku. Kyushu. Okinawa. Split down the middle: Chubu. (Note: It's the region [here]( with a red line down the middle further recommending which parts are east and which parts are west.) Hope this helps