Rewatch Groups

What is this site?

The goal of the site is to help make creating and following rewatches on /r/anime easier. Currently, it has 4 main features:

1. Tracks rewatch related posts on /r/anime, and links back to the post on /r/anime.

2. Posts with titles following a certain pattern will be grouped together, allowing people to follow a group and receive notifications or private messages as soon as a new post of the group is live.

3. PTW Soon List, or Plan to Watch Soon List, users pick only 3 series to add to their lists. Intended to help gauge which series the community might want to rewatch soon.

4. No login feature, allows users to follow groups by commenting [Follow] on /r/anime rewatch threads.

How does it work?

1-1. Links of posts on /r/anime with "rewatch"(caps don't matter) in the title are automatically collected here and listed from newest to the oldest.

1-2. Scores are updated every 30 minutes for the first day.

1-3. If a post is deleted on /r/anime, the link here would also automatically be deleted in 30 minutes.

2-1. Posts with titles following the patterns below will be grouped(caps don't matter):


{bla bla bla} interest for {a|an} {title} rewatch {bla bla bla}


[Rewatch][Spoilers] {title} {-|episode|movie|ova|part} {bla bla bla}

2-2. Posts with the same {title} and same poster would be considered the same group. Allowing users to follow it by clicking Follow on the front page or in each of the group pages.

2-3. Users can also switch on the Notifications on the front page or the group pages to receive notifications when a new post of a followed group is posted, if your browser supports it.

2-4. Notifications link directly to the posts.

2-5. There are two kinds of notifications, web notifications and private messages. By default web notifications are off and private messages on. Users can change this in Settings.

3-1. The series data and cover images for you to pick comes from animenewsnetwork.

3-2. Update with animenewsnetwork isn't very frequent, so current and future titles may be missing. Though it shouldn't matter because this is intended for rewatches.

4-1. Within 24 hours of posts that are grouped, users of tier 1 comments(*) containing [Follow] would be added to the followers of the group. *A comment to the thread, not to another comment.

4-2. Users can unfollow by replying [Unfollow] to the private message reminder, or on this site.


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